ALL SECTOR 9 HELMETS RIGHT NOW ARE 50% OFF (they have Full Face Helmets for $150)


they have Full Face Helmets for $150


Would this be better to get then a TSG Pass?

honestly it depends, both are great helmets I own the older version of this and love it. thinking about selling it tho and picking up one of these :slight_smile:

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Full faced helmets come in 1 size fits all format?

yup it comes with different pads to put inside so it effectively can “morph” to the size of your head

More than just helmets, pads too! Anyone know if they’re any good?

they look like a standard motor bike helmet

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they aren’t however, to my understanding they have a bigger FOV because you want to see more of the road than on a bike where you have mirror etc, also they are way lighter (source i own one)

Prices aren’t showing on the website for some reason, even when I put one in the cart. Anyone experiencing this?

all good on my end here

Huh, very weird.

@High-roller add them to cart then click “checkout” and you’ll see the prices.

@moon I beat you too it :stuck_out_tongue: right:?



You didn’t, I had the same problem and had no clue what was going on :slight_smile:

US only I think :disappointed_relieved:

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The shipping is free to usa. So all you need is a buddy from usa to reship.

You could get a reliable seller here to do that for you And he could write lower value for customs.

Edit: No idea how long sales last.

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Any idea on how long this sale is?

I might email them though.

Or maybe chris can help after his motors come


i have one i’m going to be selling if you want

Is it new?

naw i used it for a bit but i comes with 5 shields as opposed to the 1 if you order from them

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I will let you know if I am interested in a couple days

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How long will the sale last?