All Sold $100 Cheers

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This worth anything anymore?Enertion 190kv R spec motors. was running this on my vanguard. powered my fat ass up hills at 40km/hr. Killed the battery and this has been sitting gathering dust waiting for me to repair it. Even has one of those french motor cable hiding rises Will sell if the right offer comes in. Brisbane Australia.


Damn that’s some nasty looking vescs lol, are they still working?

Nah, it went through the following to get to this stage

  1. Hypertension
  2. Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia
  3. Coronary Heart Disease
  4. Stroke
  5. Gall Bladder Disease
  6. Osteoarthritis]osteoarthritis
  7. Sleep Apnea
  8. Respiratory Problems
  9. Endometrial Cancer
  10. Breast Cancer
  11. Prostate Cancer
  12. Colon Cancer
  13. Dyslipidemia
  14. Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis
  15. Insulin Resistance
  16. Asthma
  17. Hyperuricemia (an abnormally high level of uric acid in the blood)
  18. Reproductive Hormone Abnormalities
  19. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  20. Impaired Fertility
  21. Adult Onset Diabetes
  22. Depression
  23. Anxiety
  24. Low energy levels/fatigue
  25. Tooth decay
  26. Acne
  27. Digestive health issues

and than faught hell of a rainstorm with his companions, we need a vesc abuse hotline

that vesc probably smoked a lot


Holy shit mate what did you do to that set up? Does it all still go? Not too bothered about the vescs but the motors are all good?
@AlanZhou Did you end up buying that raptor1 deck?

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nope, my parents are arleady mad enough at me bothing them to purchase enertion hubs + tb dd + 2 focbox unitys + 4 focboxes …

mabye in a month


I promised to buy that at the end of last year but funds weren’t available. He tried bumping up the price last week because of your offer lol. Sure he will be back in touch now.

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huh which guy

Does it work and do you have an idea on price point?

I’m interested

jd guy. Selling the raptor 1 deck. Anyways we are derailing Karls thread. lol

huh never seen him raise it anyways im putting it out there i shootin for the motors and the mounts :smiling_imp:

pm sent an hour ago my friend so dibs

i sent pm 5 mins after thread was created my bid is 1k beat that :joy::smiling_imp: jk

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The power of not having to ship something is an unstoppable force. @jebe this kid is very unreliable and lives in alaska


wtf ill fly to aus if it comes to that point, this guy above lives in the Sentinelese, and you don’t want to get speared getting close to em @Jebe

i doubt there’s any way to get a package to the sentinelese


@MasterSpoon Wayne lives 30 mins from Brisbane and I live an hour north. You got no chance little man. Anyway you have too much already.

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hey thats not true.

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Thats true A wise man once said when asked how many esk8’s are enough One more than I have today Ask me again tomorrow

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still have to get THESE ENERTION PARTS, maybe a exodrive a few more batteries and a pair of surfrodz from psychotiller and a Geared drive and maybe ill be happy

maybe ill go to a nyc group ride one day when my skateboard actually works

what the fuck have I started :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. Ok. a fight to the death, last man standing…

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sorry @dareno but the 1k bid has it! Lemme know address Alan and I will send it on the next available drone.

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