All sold, all gone, too late

DIY/Torqueboarfs VESC unused and in the original bag. £85 plus postage Calibers 44 degree black trucks SOLD Caliber 1 piece motor mount SOLD 6374 190kv sensored motor, 8mm shaft, keyway and flatspot. Sold Pair of maytech 6355 motors £50 each or £90 the pair Maytech remote £30 Cash on collection or payment by friends and family or you pay the fees.

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Forgot to mention, will send anywhere at cost!

Still got some?

The Torque Boards Vesc is still here.

Updated with loads more good stuff.

Trucks and mount sold.

Who was the 6384 made by? If decent order would like it cheers

It’s a 6374. It came from a group buy similar to motors from alien power systems but with 8mm shaft. There is someone interested already but you can have 2nd dibs if you want.

Yeah I would take it thanks waiting in line

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Vesc, pair of 6355 motors and maytech remote still available.

Hi, I’m interested in the motors - can you tell me their KV ? Also I assume they are not sensored?

Hi Ben, I’ll take the remote. Is your Paypal still the same?

Hi, I believe they are the 190kv.

Yes, I’ll have to check postage. Are you fussy in the service?

Hey @bigben, how much for the VESC including postage to Denmark? :slight_smile:

No, and not in a rush either

I’ve got someone lined up for it but will give you first refusal if they drop out. Should know either today or tomorrow.

sounds good :slight_smile:

Any guesses of the cost to send a 6355 over to Melbourne Australia?

I’ve checked on a site called Parcel2go and it seems that I can send one for around £10 or both of them for about £15. Which is probably cheaper than a lot of European destinations! Go figure.