[ALL SOLD] FOR SALE: Brand new unused FOCBOX

All gone, @moderators please kindly close.

Getting some flipsky 6.6 on the way, so making room.

Putting up 2 FOCBOXes up for sale.



These are unused, brand new.

They are sold AS IS so if any issues please take it up with Enertion.

First come first serve, paypal to [email protected]



I’ll take 2 hehe

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I need 2 please reserve them for me.

Edit: Paid!

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so fast, I see it.

send me shipping detail at your leisure and it’ll be sent the same day, thanks alan

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Address PM’ed

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you know what to do

another one just got sold.

I’ll take one of remaining. I’m in LA also, what part are you in?

sorry, but the last two just got sold like 15 mins before you posted.

i’m in chinatown if you ever wanna meet up and go for a ride.

i ride with Titoxd10001 somewhat regularly.

Haha! No worries. I’d love to meet up sometime, where do you guys ride? I’m in the South Bay and there are a couple other guys around here…one of whom works not too far from you (near Union Station). I’ve always wanted to ride around downtown really late at night, but never had the balls to do it.