[ALL SOLD] Mastercho Enclosures - New - 2 Long, 1 Short

Purchased and ended up not building with them. Really been cutting down and selling off parts. Was somewhat hoarding ESK8 parts :persevere:

$85 shipped for long, $75 shipped for short

I’d recommend clearcoating and polishing these if you want a perfect finish. Otherwise, they are pretty good quality.


Do you have any sizes/dimensions/depths?


Internel sizes 23inch 21x6 13inch 11x6

Who wants them?

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I just want to reiterate that these are brand new from Mastercho. I only opened to take pics, this is the exact same condition as if you ordered direct. Ready for someones build!

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Im interested but not convinced. Let me do some measurements and come back to ya :wink:

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If you’re wondering about the long one it can fit a 10s4p, two vescs, and more. These are awesome enclosures.

@Eboostin. If you have these tomorrow. I might buy another long one. I just have to convince the wifey that I need my esk8 allowance for the month to be raised a bit. :wink:


I don’t have a use for this but my good buddy is working on a build and this might just be exactly what he’s looking for.

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Looks awesome, man! Such nice packaging too with the dual 6355s, clean build

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i would like a long one for my Subsonic Talon build please

I love the subsonic decks, will look good. Sending you a message

do you still have your tesseract? would the long one fit that? also would it fit a 10s5p with dual foxbox?

I do still have the tesseract but the max the enclosure and deck would fit is 10s4p.

Also, both long versions are sold, only the short version left

I shoulda taken the short too


The short is still available

Short is still available

Who wants the short? Could be perfect for 20700

Hi, im planning a 20700 tesseract build - how is the short one perfect for 20700?

It should fits 10S1P for a shorter range board

@Eboostin Do you still have the small one left