ALL SOLD [UK] Price drop, Hummie board, battery enclosure

Bought this board from BigBen a month ago, change in circumstances forces sale. Board has not been used, just fitted the grip tape and trial fitted trucks.

Hummer board Double stack fibreglass enclosure (TB218 trucks - Sold to BobbyG) (Streetwing motor mounts - Sold to BobbyG) Truck/deck bolts Screw fittings for enclosure Seal tape for enclosure

Just the deck, enclosure, enclosure fittings and truck deck bolts available now.

£150 posted within UK buyer pays PayPal fees IMG_20190331_144045





I have this deck and enclosure and this is one HELL of a deal. Bet it’s sold in <1hr lol. Updating your title to help sale

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@chilau2000 would you split?

I’m interested in the trucks and mounts only


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@Balta_6 this could be your chance lol.

Darn, if only I hadn’t been dreaming about modifying a switchblade for so long I would grab this for myself. Very compelling deal. Been staring at this post for a while now lol

I would like to buy the double stack enclosure please!

If this still here tomorrow imma steal it, would be sad to part this out!

If @Bobby-gg won’t take the trucks and you will to sell separately, please hit me up. I am interested in the truck @chilau2000

Guys back off the deck and enclosure is mine ! :joy::dog:


Trucks and mounts paid for

Trucks and motor mounts Sold to Bobby-gg

Just the deck, enclosure and fittings available now

I’ll take enclosure and fittings, already have the deck

I’m interested in all remaining parts ( deck, enclosure and fittings), PM is send

I looked at myself, my decks look at me, my banker look at me It’s a general decision, but I’ll leave it sadly Goodbye Hummie deck, you were never mine but I still loved you like my own child…

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Bummer! I would’ve taken it all!! My first hummie needs a brother

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hummie deck, double stack enclosure, enclosure fittings, enclosure tape, deck/truck bolts.

Price dropped to £150 posted within UK, buyer pays paypal fees.

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Bruh. Good deal, unfortunately, I currently have no money for it.

Ok that’s a deal I can’t resist; thank god I’m addicted to this forum, PM sent

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Aaaand bought! Hahaha :smiley:

Does anyone want to trade their single stack Hummie enclosure for a double stack one? I can’t imagine needing that many cells (would rather have the deck closer to the ground), so am looking to acquire a single-stack one :slight_smile:

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@rusins even the dual stack is really slimline when on the deck due to the internal cutout in the deck. Wait until you get it to see.


Hm, maybe… I made mounting holes in it already tho :stuck_out_tongue: