All terrain board with independent suspension


This year I have been working on designing and buiding an all terrain electric skateboard with independent suspension for hobby. As an mechanical engineer I liked to make my own design and realize it. When I was happy with the design I started to build the project. I wanted to build an electric skateboard that is able to ride in all terrain, so I choosed to use big wheels on it. I added my own design of independent suspension to create an unique driving experience while riding offroad instead of using normal skateboard trucks. the board is connected with steering rods to steer with all the 4 wheels. Extra springs are used to reposition the board to the middle after steering.

Now the board is ready I like to show it to you. The Lipo battery and motor controller are placed invisable in the frame. the 800W brushed motor gives the board more than enough power and torque and reaches a topspeed about 30km/h. I choosed consciously to use an brushed motor because the size of the motor was not a problem on this build. I hope you like it!


A ride worth dying for…

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Wow the trucks look awesome! :heart_eyes: Would love too see a video in action.

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Nice. Looks like a giant RC car


Fantastic, takes a lot of out of the box thinking to make something new. Any video of this in action?

Bad ass!! Where are you located? For comparison sake I would love to pair one of our pneumatic longboards up against yours in an all-terrain environment. Want to race some trails, pavement and gravel?


That has to be the coolest board I’ve seen since the baja board!! DIY too! That is so cool! Props dude

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would love to see more on the motors

Awesome … This is amazing work! =)

Did you make all the parts? I would love to see any photos of work in progress. Do you have any videos of this board in action? What’s it like to ride? Responsive?

… I have sooo many questions! Well done, I’m totally jealous.

how do u turn corner on this?

Its essentially a little quad bike :smiley:

It’s awesome! Nice job🏂 I’d love to see a pic with someone on it at full lean.

I’m curious about the turn radius, as typical mountain boards turn like a school bus.

We need to see a video of this thing in action.

I Love It !!!

Thanks for the great comments! Nice to hear the enthusiasm!

The board is able to make sharp turns. After I builded the board it turned sharper as wished, so i adjusted the arm that controls the steering, so now it makes a smaller swing what results in less steering. Also the wheel camber and the line of the wheels is adjustable.

I will make a video to show it in action. I also will show the streering at full lean in it.

Further, a response to Kane: Yes I made the parts by myself, I will look for photos of the work in progress. I used modern production techniques to build the parts.


Today we made an video of the board in action!

For information, this is not topspeed driving. I don’t have a lot of boarding experience :wink: The speed on the road is about half the topspeed.

I hope you like it!


This board is just too awesome! Great job!!:heart_eyes:

Possibly a really daft question but does this use a microswitch and servos for steering?

This is a monster!! Best skate ive ever seen


A response to bigben: It does not use servos for steering. Steering works the same as on a normal skateboard. It only has an stepless controller for controlling the motor. The board is connected with the steering system on the wheels by a pendulum inside the frame. Leaning moves the pendulum what results in steering.