All terrain boosted mod?

Does anyone have pics of a board AT mod or does anyone know if the evolve at kit or the TRAMPA tires fit on the board board?

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What? No :slight_smile:

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Any details of how he did it?

I saw this video, but at least u need good 3d printer with 3m teeth profile. by the looks of it he fitted a large bearing to the pulley to get support from the truck. Which is caliber 2 from V1. V2 use different . also u will loosed lots of speed. he is using like 3:1 ratio and suffer from torq. i mean the motor is way too small. for this job. lastly enertion do not make that 5 inch wheels. it was prototype. closest I can find is these, and they are 6inch wheels

So there is no kit for plug and play. it jst too extra mile. to make it work.

What he said :point_up:

I really wouldn’t do it. I mean just look at how tiny these Boosted motors are. Get a set of Popoca wheels and call it a day.


To be honest, the boost board looks amazing on its original wheels, looks bad on pneumatics.

Trampa boards look amazing on pneumatics, a Landy Evo on wide trucks looks also nice on pneumatics.


if you want to ride on grass this is not a bad option. You can also order a custom wheels from them. I’d ask them for Popoca wheels.

Not impossible if you willing to look lolScreenshot_20180705-100718_Samsung%20InternetFB_IMG_1531100260909

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Try the MBS 100mm AT wheels. Just 3D print a new pulley and try to fit that. Not the absolute best for off road, but a great enduro option.

I’m going to make a Frankenstein boosted with this at mod and a double drop deck and extra batteries wired in