All-terrain DIY 12s5p battery, haggy drives system, Dual FSESC 6.6 mini

These are the parts for my build: -All-terrain drive system from haggy with 190 kv motors (ordered)

-Dual FSESC 6.6 mini

-DIY 12s 4 or 5p battery (samsung 30q cells from with DIY glass fibre or carbon fibre enclosure

-deck from haggy (ordered)

-Flipsky vx2 remote

I need a recomendation for a good BMS, I’m thinking about getting the bestech D140 charge only BMS from, but its wiring is a bit weird so I’m open to sugestions.

What do guys think of this build? And also any board name ideas?

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I’ve never heard of that website for buying cells, you might want to verify the site and your payment options ( look for a safe one)

Other than that it looks good. How are you doing the diy enclosure?

I live in Norway, so the website is Norwegian, so i wouldn\t have to pay the duty. The pricing of the cells looks about right (around 3$ per cell), and the payment method seems legit too.

I’ll be making the enclosure with glass or carbon fibre, and a 3d printed mold.