All Terrain Dual Rear Kit with 15mm Wide Belts!


I’m clearing out some stuff as some of you may know.

Up for sale now is an All Terrain Dual Rear Kit! I never got to try this kit, so really don’t know how good it is. It feels solid though!

Comes with the following:

  • Front and Rear Trucks
  • 4 all terrain wheels
  • 2 motor mounts
  • 2 drive wheel pulleys (15mm not sure, didn’t want to count how many teeth)
  • 2 motor pulleys (15mm 15T)
  • 2 belts (15mm wide)

I believe the diagonal measurement for the motor mount is 30mm approximately.

I think it might be missing a nut and bolt to bolt the motor mounts to the trucks, but can be found at your local hardware store easily.

Looking for $200 USD Shipped to USA and Canada.

PM me if you’re interested!

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What size are the wheels? What motors does the mount fit 63 or 80?

They are 8" wheels.

From a rough measurement it looks like there is 9" between the mounts, so I’m going to say you could probably get 80 in there, but didn’t run the math myself.

Is the motor mount pointing in towards the deck or out the back?

It goes out the back, evolve style.

Any possibility to reverse?

Mmmm I think it is unlikely it would work that way without some serious massaging.

Will this fit 6355 motors?

Width wise it will work, but it would depend on your motors and the spacing of those 4 screws that attach it to the mount. Diagonally, I measured 30mm.

Kit is SOLD. I’m on a roll. Time to find more part to sell from my collection.

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I have one more set…was going to try and keep it for a future build, but the reality is, not enough time these days.

PM me if interested.

@Martinsp might be interested…

Hi, thank you @Okami for the reference. I found the pulleys I needed from here: in case anyone else was looking here for them :slight_smile:

I like the extreme off road tires, what size are they?

Lol I doubt their remote would go down well in the USA

Still have one set available.

Anyone interested?

Forgot to follow up on this thread. Still looking to unload one more of these. Message me if you’re interested.

I also have these trucks as well with the wheels. What size belt did you use ?

It came with some belts, that are supposedly the right size, but I can’t remember what that size is off the top of my head.

Dang. I assumed it would of said on the belt itself