All terrain kit

So I have a single motor 245kv 6s build so far with 83mm wheels with 16t/32t gearing and get between 12-15 miles but a change in job means if I wanted to use my board to work at all would need different wheels to go up small kurbs. So I was thinking if I got all terrain wheels 6" or somthing and some truck risers could convert between the two if I wanted. So I’m looking for some reasonable priced places in uk to get the right wheels and spur gears. Hoping to get same range if I can as work would be 11miles away. So what would be best wheels and where from Eu or uk preferably.

I think the only options are 5inch skikes, @psychotiller’s 6inch wheels or my 3D printed ones.

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How are your printed hubs holding up. And what pulley are they using. As could try but did you find any good tyres for them?

I am not riding them but I think @riva_00 tested them. There is a pulley in the files as well.

The tires are from aliexpress and the same as psychotillers AFAIK

I have the tires in stock without the inflated shipping charge from aliexpress

Am I reading this correctly? You have all-terrain hub for sale?

Hard to say if you are reading it correctly or not haha! You can read about them here.


I’ve recently been busting @Maxid’s hubs off-road, going down trails and deliberately riding them off curbs and they work fantastic. No cracks appeared and it’s a smooth ride.

Read about them here: -

My skateboards now filthy and I’ve managed to damage my battery box (think it hit a tree-stump or large rock), but the wheels are fine. I was running the 2 front wheels 3D printed, and the 2 back ones @psychotiller’s billet hubs.

If you want a quality, shiny and chrome :slight_smile:, hub get psychotkillers, there’s just no words for how good they are. They feel like they’ll survive a nuclear explosion and I have no doubt I’ll be using them forever. The only downside is the cost and the shafting you get with import tax (in the UK at least), but you get what you pay for. The downside of Maxids 3D hubs are that they aren’t fully tested, but it’s looking very promising.


If you mean all terrain hub motors then no, just a hub for the tires.