All-terrain TESSERACT 12s9p build

My new build this beast of a board it very much improved from my all-terrain spud build. It rides like a dream

33 inch TESSERACT 12s9p battery Sk8 dual motors 6374 192kv Okp 35° riser Kaly nyc cnc trucks Kaly nyc Direct drive 7inch Evole tires


Must be weight a ton!

The weight is not a big deal as it going to be carrying me most of the time and no the other way around lol


Yeah with 12s9p you’d be looking at what 100km+?

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Oh yea definitely I’ll get 100km. All of my board are long raging I don’t like to worry about charger when I am out riding


How do you mount your truck in angle 35 degree?


Beautiful creation @Darklinks this is really a game changer, love the look of the board.


Custom riser from okp/unikboards

Thanks man it’s way more stable to ride the the spud deck with AT wheels

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Looks cool dude, nothing like riding a proper sorted DH deck. The only think I can think of that would be better would be a 45/25 degree split on the risers :dark_sunglasses:

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It would be nice. But in order to us the trucks I am using it can only be possible to make this build with @okp custom riser which are nearly impossible to get your hands on right now snice a only made a few of them.

And “real” longboard wheels ? :rofl:

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And what if you turn your tricks around ? Will be shorter and higher but will have a more awesome look :wink:

It will definitely have nice look and higher than what it is now but it will be to unstable at anything over 20mph. With the trucks being innovative it gives it optimal performance at higher speed I was able to push up to 30mph and it was really stable :ok_hand:t3:

Ok ! :slight_smile:

I once tried one of the Okp’s build which almost same as yours and it had hooks in regular position and I’m goofy so I couldn’t go as fast as I wanted but it was powerful for sure ! And yours seem too.

The guy now owning the board went to 52Km/h on it (using stock VESC 4.12, not Focbox). I also know that later he tried some roadies tires and gained some vmax and coasting abilities (or just “coast”, don’t know how to use this word). Here is a picture of the look it gave :

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Nice board, do you ride on dirt? I want to try a large build like this one day to go on some packed roads arround my city and keep riding all day long, but I don’t know how much more energy this will need compared to city riding

And any internal shots? The battery is triple stacked?

Yea man I love that board I want to build one the moment I saw @okp board. I am also using dual ollin VESC 4.12 he is going just as fast as me but the top speed on my board is 69km but to scarred to push it that much as I am still recovering from a shoulder injury. I will definitely get some of those roadies tires


Cool, show us pics when you get the roadies

Stay safe, recover well and have fun, mate !

It’s a powerful board with crazy range and it handles every well on dirt road. I did a lil of roading yesterday to test it out and it was great. Sorry I forgot to take pick of the internal part but I will next time I open it back up… and the battery is Double stack have enough space in the Enclosure to do it.


Thank you :pray:t2: will definitely up load more pic once I get them.

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