All-terrain trucks won't turn the board

Hey everyone. So I recently bought the 11" 422mm Off Road Trucks from DIYeboard. I mounted everything and put the board back together, however no matter how far I lean, the board won’t turn. Any chance anyone has any tips or might know where the set-up went wrong?

channel trucks need to be mounted with angle to be able to turn.


Ahh…so, I switched to a flat deck because when I turned, the battery enclosure was touching the ground. Would you suggest putting on wedge risers to get the board to turn? I’m just wondering how much angle i’d have to introduce with wedge risers to get it to turn.

The picture above is 35 degree.

Any idea how to get that angle with a flat deck?

Never tried before but doesn’t seem practical in my mind. Holes need to be re drilled and the block might cause clearance problem. untitled(1)

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Either large angled riser blocks, or like esk8_hui said make some kind of frankenstein drop-through with some kind of angled mount.

Kind of a square-peg-round-hole issue you’ve gotten yourself into.

You could do something like this, or just PM Nowind…He might have a solution for your needs…

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I ordered some 15 degree risers, but then I noticed the risers that came with the trucks are already at 10 degrees. The only thing i’ve found that I know would work are these:

However, they’re custom made, out of stock, and expensive anyways. It seems like the only options i’ve seen are for people who are engineers with access to 3D printers.
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If you create the angle they will turn, just check wheel bite and street clearance … You could build them with wood…Will need large nuts…

Before you spend a fair amount of cash/time on a solution to make those trucks work, consider selling them / buying mbs or trampa trucks instead. Though mind you, these also need the indicated angle.

The trucks you bought are low quality, low precision and potentially dangerous at higher speeds without modification. You also won’t be able to get replacement spacers for them.

This will happen sooner or later.