All Terrain vs Street Wheels?

I swear I tried to look for a topic on this, but couldn’t find much. In general, what are the pros and cons of all terrain wheels? Street wheels? Does it just depend on where you’ll be using them?

I live in a pretty rural place with some pretty cracked pavement, so I’ll probably try to fit all-terrain wheels on my e-board; will this limit my selection of decks to those shaped like this?

Those are all good shapes for pneumatic boards. push through these pictures on my site for a couple of other ideas.

Its quite simple…2 rules:

  1. The bigger the diameter of thw wheels is the smoother ride you get
  2. The softer the wheel is the smoother and quieter ride

83mm 85a flywheels would be pain in the ass for you, if you have just roads in bad condition, go for 97mm 75a abecs, if there are some parts you have to go through clay/sand consider all terrain wheels :slight_smile:

Or make a compromise and buy wheels like these:

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You’re not necessarily limited to those decks, it depends on how long your axles are. If you go with trampa, MBS, etc you’ll have some more width to work with, but you’ll also have a wider turning radius and need to work a bit harder on steering. You may also need to raise your clearance a bit.

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I would suggest to start with ‘mountainboard’ platform straight away :slight_smile: Unless, you want to make ‘wedges’, since usually mountainboard trucks need a bit of an angle to work.

You can also check what @lowGuido , @bullrider12 and some others have done with smaller wheels.

IF you with smaller wheels, something like 5-6inch pneumatics, then it might be okay, if you still use flat deck, I think.

Though, for bigger wheels clearance might be a problem, so you might need longer axles and so on…

Im in a bit of a hurry now but i will try to give more details later on if you are interested.

One more thing to notice is - not always, but usually you will need more energy / bigger battery to make the same distance if you use pneumatic setup. @ lowguido seemed to say he gets pretty similar results but I think he had filled tires, not the pneumatic ones.

it is definitely less range on the softer wheels. thats for sure.

We’ve got ll that worked out if you want to read up on it… Resistance check!, turn radius check, no wedges check! Longer standard 8mm trucks check!

The builds are stacking up and nothing you say here reflects our set ups.


Thanks for all the responses! I didn’t realize things like the MBS all terrain wheels existed. I might go for the 97mm 75a wheels too, they seem like a nice middle ground, but I might pick up a pair of the MBS too in case I ever need/want to use them.

@sumthingawsome I would highly suggest for you to get a regular longboard and try to get a feel of how it rides over different terrain… believe me, some of the brick layed pathwalks we have here (East EU infrastracture mindset) gives you such a tremendous ‘massage’ to your feet, that already after like 5 minutes your feet might go numb from the vibrations…

This is why I early on decided to switch to all terrain build as riding in a lot of places is just unbearable with streets wheels where I live

Im not sure about the MBS 100mm wheels, havent tried them but since they are still from urethane I expect they might still give you a ‘shake’ over rougher surfaces, maybe someone who uses them can give a feedback on them? @E-Boarding

@psychotiller if you can then be sure to post some pics! I knew you had your ‘billet wheels’ but to be honest I dont know enough about them to be able to tell about them further, they do look quite nice, thats for sure.


Pics are everywhere man!!! They’re listed and reviewed with pics all over the place. They are the only longboard specific pneumatic wheels on the market. They fit all 8mm axle trucks without modification. While everyone else is out there just trying to make stroller and ATB wheels fit. I made wheels for us.

The Truth is Out There.


yeh, someone should make a compilation then for such setups :slight_smile:

I think someone had made a esk8 build ‘tree’ a while ago… Would be cool if some common configs could be collected there and easily accessed.

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Wasnt someone going to make a build configurator-inator?

It was in the talks a while ago but I think the main ‘mover’ in this direction was @longhairedboy

Im sure he is probably a bit busy with other things but would be cool to hear from him what he has to say about it.

The original topic is here:

(I know a bit side topic but maybe still relevant to some people)

The ‘build tree’

(Too bad its real potential is not used enough… 2nd guess - information just gets lost unless someone makes a reply in a thread all the time)

The MBS-wheels are a cheaper alternative to ABEC but they are not as good, the knobbles do help on grass and snow a bit but that’s about it. I’m going to replace them with the new 107mm ABEC11 Superflywheels in the future

you can save you build-url and make a list of different configurations …a wiki may help, maybe on reddit…

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yes i did build a configurinator. ITs on my site and is currently taking orders like a boss.

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Yo, thanks a bunch for all the responses! It’s probably obvious from my questions, but this is my first build :sweat_smile:, so the information is really useful!

@Okami, I’ve actually had a chance to ride a couple different boards across my campus. My current Sector 9 has some 70mm 80a (I think); not a great ride, lol. I’ve also ridden an Evolve Carbon and Bamboo GT and a Boosted Board Gen 2. The Evolves were a smoother ride, though I think the flex in the Boosted made it the smoothest ride (I’m planning on copying that and going for a split enclosure on a relatively flexy board).

Also, holy shit, that website is amazing, @E-Boarding! I was just thinking about how useful it would be to have something that showed me all the different components I’ll be putting into this board, and boom, Okami posts exactly what I’m looking for, haha

AT- wheels- pros

  • smoother ride *climb higher obstacles *you can fill the inner tubes with holes filler and then when have a small hole you can keep ride. *can go light off roads *feels like riding a cloud

AT- wheels- cons *cant really go hard off road *prolly be slower then good streed 97mm wheels *board is heavier *less responsive and accurate on turns *can take the electronics to thier end capbility or even burn them

97mm street- pros *board is less weight *faster *more responsive and accurate on turns *fells closer to the ground and therefor more stable *draw less power from the electronics therefor give you more distance and less heat (more efficent)

97mm street- cons *every dent and brake you will feel it *canot go off road *nylon on the wheels can wear off and then need to replace the wheels

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