All terrain Wheel Clearance

Hi all,

I have a drop-through board and i’m considering putting AT tyres on it. I’m concerned about wheel bite, I’m looking at the evolve 6" AT (Unless you’d recommend otherwise) but i’m not sure how wide they are and how much space I need between the wheels and the board.

Thanks everyone for any advice you can give me!

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We need to know the deck and trucks as well if you want a straight answer

Generally wide trucks will have better clearance though

I have this deck, 6-inch AT wheels and Torqueboards 218 trucks and wheelbite is not a problem. Normal Caliber II trucks would probably have clearance issues though.


Thanks for the help guys

This is the board I have - with the original trucks. 32.25" wheelbase

I’d recommend making 6-inch discs from cardboard then removing your normal longboard wheels and putting the discs in place. That should give you an idea of clearance.