Almost complete board, never used - 1 beefy motor - belt & pulley - trucks - VESC 4.12 - Just asking for shipping, one caveat

Hello there!

A few years ago I started building an electric skateboard project, and you can probably still find the remnants of my presence on this board. I never finished it. it’s sat at 98% completion in my apt for years.

Here is the situation : I’m clearing up my apartment in SF remotely, with the help of a friend (it would be hard for me to travel back there with the current situation).

I don’t think my project of a diy electric skateboard has any resale value. But I would like for one of you to make something of it, instead of going to landfill!

So I’m just asking for shipping cost of the whole board (minus the li-ion battery, I made it myself and I don’t think it was good).

I know how scammy the whole thing sounds. But this is real, and I’m willing to prove anything you want with the pics I took back when I was assembling the thing, receipts of the parts from my emails and a video call with the person currently helping me clear out.

Send me a PM, the first person who is serious can have this.



What speed controllers did you use?

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You really need to list the items & provide some photos if possible.


dont know to PM you, so ill take what you have got :smiley:

pics please

Here are the pics you choosy beggars :slight_smile:

I couldn’t find the receipt for the motor buried in my email, but it’s a big one. the trucks belt and wheels were all part of one kit, which I also don’t remember.

PMs will be answered in the order received. Shipment is probably 5 to 10 lbs from SF, CA. I have a friend and sub letter who currently lives in it, so ideally you make that real simple and shell out for a UPS pick up

Oh and I’ve taken the board once around the block, so I know it works. The VESC would be flashed correctly for that motor already.

What a generous offer. I would be interested. I made a board last year and have been planning a second so my son and I can ride together. Let me know the details of what is needed for shipping. I am in the Phila PA area.

PPS. all the parts are attached to the board already, and I wouldn’t trust my subletter to take anything off it (he’s not super tool savvy). Everything is mounted to the freebord deck (I think it’s the 77cm or 82cm deck).

I hope someone can make this super easy for me! otherwise the es8 is going to be bin, which would be a damn shame

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does it include a remote or no?

Don’t know how to pm you but if you still have it I’d be interested!

Looks a lot like a Miami vesc. Very cool

Thank for all the interest. I already have picked one person and a backup. I’m now trying to organize this between them, my sublet and a city in full lock down.