Almost complete carbon build looking for advice

Hi builder!

Last summer I spent a lot of time building my new board and almost finished the project, however at the last assembly step I encountered a big problem. My motor mounts are touching the enclosure when doing heavy turns. The enclosure doesn’t really fit in the current setup, it feels very squished in there. (See pictures) Everything from motors, electronics, battery is working great. I have been trying to figure out how to solve this issue for a long time and I can’t seem to find a solution which doesn’t include buying a new board or a huge new investment. Wheelbite also seems to be an issue with the large wheels, I have risers but the problem is still there in steep turns, any suggestions are welcome. My options that I have come up with are:

  • Buy Replace belt setup with Carvon V4 to make more room for the enclosure.
  • Cut the kicktail off and go for reverse mount. (Feels really stupid
  • Buy a new deck like the Landy Yatch which is longer and should have enough space.

I am looking for advice on how I should solve my current issue with motor mounts touching the enclosure and how I can make the enclosure fit instead of jamming it under the motors.

Build info: Deck: Loaded Cantellated Tesseract, CF skinned with “Clear composites” Battery: Spotwelded 10S4P Samsung 30Q with Bestech BMS ESC: 2x Focbox Enclosure: @Mastercho CF enclosure with extra CF layers. Trucks: Extended Caliber trucks. (218mm) Wheels: Abec11 90mm Motors: 2x 6374 Eskating sensored motors Mounts: Torqueboards V4 motor mount. Drive system: 16/40 with 15mm belt


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You could move the rear trucks back onto the kick tail and dewedge them… or wedge them… whichever is right.


Add a riser, move the truck, turn the motor mounts backwards, or swap the deck. Those are really the only choices. Or take the back truck off and put Carvon SpeedDrive there instead.


Try stiffer bushings, with a fat cone/chubby bushing boardside.

And try adding another 1/8" shock pad/riser.

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i encountered this also, had to put riserpads but later found out later i could modify the truck or mount. dremel work can be a little tedious though

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The only solution here is to mount the motors at the back, not inwards.