Almost done Connectors right?

Almost done biggest worry is Wrong li-po connectors

Motor KEDA 63-64 190KV

Battrey 3x in series

series Connectors 2x

and series connector to xt60

and entertion Focbox Anything wrong i can solder but not without clear instructions

I would have not made a new topic about this, but rather continued on your “Li-po help topic”.

I suppose you’re going to change the 5,5 mm bullet connectors coming with the battery to the 4 mm HXT ones? Otherwise you can’t use the connectors you listed. You should then add the needed HXT connectors to change the battery wire connectors.

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So just change the5,5 bullet connection to 4mm and i’m good to go?

Yes, assuming that the load side connector has a male XT60, then you this should work, but I recommend getting one more persons opinion first. Just in case I missed anything.

By the way, seeing that you’re seem to be in a big hurry. How do you plan to charge the Li-po packs? Do you plan to disassemble the pack for charging?

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NO preferance but most likly 1 by 1

IF you could just tell me what to get, and i would check with everyone id be done today

Sorry, but I don’t know what your setup is, what kind of charging equipment you have, what kind of performance you want, what’s your budget, what’s your building skill…

This is your build. I recommend trying to learn on your own with available material and via google. Asking about something specific that you’re not sure about or don’t know is okay, but don’t shove your own project into someone elses hands and ask them to make it for you.


This is like a copy of

But my battery has bigger C rating

Also forgot to include i will use focbox

and i want series

and i would balance charge

Can’t help, but notice this in the video description

And you can also see in the picture that the Batteries have the 4 mm HXT -connector on them, most likely because they are lower C-rated so they don’t need the 5,5 mm beefier connectors. You might save yourself some work if you find other similiar sized batteries with the 4 mm HXT connectors already on them. Then everything should just plug straight together, at least on the battery pack side.

his wires are 12awg so 14 will be good right?

With AWG lower means thicker and therefore higher current rating. So going from 12 to 14 would mean it’ll handle less amps, you really should be using lower AWG rating as well as changing the connectors as has been mentioned.

Most people use a minimum of 10AWG, it’s what I use for my 6S Lipo setup.

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Ok so i need to find 7-9 AWG cable

You should use 10AWG, any thicker and you’ll start running into soldering issues unless you have a decent soldering iron.

@Kug3lis Said

You need just buy connectors Like xt90

Replace on batteries

Replace on vesc

Replace on charger, Then buy series adapter 2 of them

SO i just need to solder this on batteries bullet wire, vesc and charger

and then use this Series connector

Those connects are male when you want Female for the batteries. The connector you linked is parallel.

You could stick with XT60, they should suffice for what you’re doing. It’s what the Vesc comes with I think.

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Are you Sure That XT60, would work because it is a lot cheaper for me,

that’s not a fucking series connector

it says “parallel connector” in the name…

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That was a typo you know, Now chill




i’ve told you atleast 3 times that that connector isn’t for series. it obliviously wasn’t a typo dude, stop trying to play it off

man i hate liars…