Almost no brakes in FOC. 12s3p 30Q battery - Flipsky 6.6 - Meepo HubMotors Style

i need time on the weekend. at the moment it´s already dark when i come home. but i asked a friend here who is using the dual for quite a while. will report back as soon as i have a feedback.

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thxs man :wink:

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i have also two flipsky 6.6 I though also that the brakes were too soft at speed. My parameters were -6 for batt min. I’ve changed it to -10, and now it is great.

yeh but you have to deal with your battery. I always used in the past -6A, so -12A from dual vescs back to the battery. For 3p 30Q I think it’s the safe one. At the moment the brakes are not there, really I need to foot brake everytime. If I push them all the way down they almost loose all the power. Before at 10s with same setting, same motors, Maytech vescs, I could almost slide! Are you using them at 10s or 12s? FOC or BLDC?

Oops I totally forgot that… Yeah I would maybe try -60 motor and -10 battery and see if that makes it better? I personally run -60/-15 on a 10s4p on focboxes/vesc-xs which is on the extreme side but it’s working great

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-15 on each vesc? I though that for 30Q cell is 4A each cells, so 4p = 16A. You are using almost the double

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you not gonna do a downhill break for 1hour. think with -10 on both you still on the safe site with 3p.

this ratings for a full charge cycle from 2.5-4.2V. i don´t think you brake longer than 1 minute constant.

True that is for short term, like 5 sec max brakes. I will try to increase them but it still means that they suck because with my previous Meytech vescs, that everyone said that they were trash, they actually always worked and never have problem. With -6A each vesc I could always brake really strong no matter the motor I used.


Yeah but you’re not going to be doing 30A constant all the time on recharge. For me it only ever hits that once in a blue moon. Just nice in emergency situations that I’ve run into once or twice… which is once or twice too many tbh

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ok I will start to increase it. Still not clear why they handle so badly the regenerative current compare to my older Maytech vescs. Fine we’ll see it. Thx for the help.

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ok so now it´s one to one… the guy i asked run dual fesc 6.6 and was running before maytech 4.12 same settings, only maytech in bldc and fesc 6.6 in foc. he says the breaks now more strong than they where with maytech before. :thinking: he run a dual belt drive by the way 6355 or something like this, idk exactly.

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I would like to be 2 - 0 for him :smirk: Maybe ask him his setting and battery. So we can understand better. Did he move to FOC because he likes more than BLDC or for other reason? Because in my case I had to do it. In BLDC the motors were rattling really really bad at low speed, meaning that even if you are almost close to stop and you would accelerate they will trough you off the board since they rattle instead of spinning. Also this aspect not present with previous Vescs. Could be that just using sensor motors would avoid this behaviour.

@sofu do you mind check the video in the first post. Is that a normal behaviour in FOC? If I brake gently after spinning, the motors, mainly one keeps spinning.

10s 4p and he changed to foc because he wanted. don´t think he tried bldc with the dual fesc. other settings i don´t know yet.

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I’m thinking maybe the flipsky components aren’t as efficient or something and that causes losses in the breaking regen. The lower regen would mean your brakes are not strong or even non existent. That would make sense but I really don’t know enough about electronics to say that’s what is wrong, do you have a bt module to check how many amps are being used in regen.

Edit: maybe even a faulty current checker (idk what the proper word is rn, I’m tired af) that is giving off a in correct reading of the current you are pulling. Example you are getting regen of 1a but the vesc thinks it’s 6a and is not letting any more go to the batt. Idk I’m just throwing out random ideas, mostly based on someone’s claims that flipsky use cheaper components to bring down costs

Yes I do. Next time I will log the ride. This morning I was too angry for the fact that I had to foot brake for the whole city…so annoying :joy:

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You said you changed your battery from 10s3p to12s3p. Does the new battery have a BMS?

Actually this is not normal behavior at all… I am a bit concerned :rofl:

YEs I wrote in the first post charge only Bestech D140.

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I tried different remotes, receiver, CAN bus ecc… Always the same. I hope that with increasing the braking currents it will help.