Alternative Carbon GT remote

How hard would it be to create / adjust a safer, kill switch based Boosted Style controller that works with the Carbon GT?

Does Evolve use Bluetooth for their Remote? Might be hard if they put encryption like Boosted.

You could probably find a way to add a dead switch by using a switch that completes the circuit to the hall sensor or potentiometer. Just a guess.

That’s a worthwhile option to explore, not sure if it’s Bluetooth connectivity but I think that would make sense considering the range.

Someone printed a plastic protector for the controller that looks good but I personally don’t like the style or bulk in comparison to boosted. Would just prefer somethings that doesn’t run the risk of sending the board flying + I’m not a huge fan of the LCD display

I agree. Evolve focused on the wrong things when they made their Remote.

I heard a new remote is in the works. Maybe check that out.

Good on um. i hope they come out with an alternative soon. Many of the misgivings that I’ve (unfortunately) mentioned and those of some others on the forum could be mitigated by removing elements that could be simply deemed as “out of sight, out of mind” take the battery sag / info on the GT’s LCD vs. the Boosted’s ‘lack of’. I’d trade a more slim-line protected trigger for an LCD read-out anyway…that’s just my opinion, though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nevermind. Evolve failed again.