Alternative ESC - ODrive

Hey guys I’ve been building a new board using some out of the box parts to bring to the hobby and I’ve been looking at the ODrive for a bit now becuase it’s more reliable than a vesc or iterations of the Vesc. Now that I’ve seen it in action here at maker faire I’m really sold! I also talked to the founder and he’s working on a V4 card that is single channel it should be considerably cheaper with other improvements. It’s got a peak current of >100A, Continuous current depends on cooling but it’s 50-70A, FOC, opensource hardware and software.

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I almost bought one a few months ago, I just don’t have the time to tinker with it and set it up. If it was more intuitive I would be all over it. Encoder support really has me salivating


Yeah that’s why I’m super excited about this v4 card but the current card would still be great for a dual motor setup

Seems really interesting, especially because it can go up to 13s !

Will probably get one for science in the summer :smiley:

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This is a very bold claim. Be careful with spreading missinformation.


How can it be more reliable? There are no issues with VESCs. Maybe with clones, but for sure not with VESCs.

Please also note that 90+% of the work is in the software. VESC-Tool is a very advanced piece of code!


It’s just so sensitive that it’s easy to blow out, sorry for the bold claim I just think we should be looking into a new board

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VESC is on another level compared to other ESCs, its easy to blow if you do not know how to use it like everything else

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This right here

id be interested in this, hate how fragile vesc’s are… iv been using the basically bulletproof hobbywing max6 esc’s and i love them for reliability, plug and play and power but their fairly expensive and the breaking noise isn’t great lol. where can i find more info on these Odrive esc’s and possibly a few reviews? are they plug and play or easy to setup?

They have a website with all the info and I believe a GitHub project as well. And for the plug and play aspect they should be pretty ok

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Please elaborate on the manufacturers of the vescs u been using. And what hw verision.

Thanks ill take a gander:+1:

An Olin vesc, esk8 Vesc, and I’m about to set up the focbox. was running the latest HW there was

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Imagine if you bought the real thing right away instead :thinking: Or a version 6 HW atleast.

I’m not trying to be rude I just know alot of people that have been having issues with it because it’s sensitive and I was trying to find a way for new people to have a really simple esc

Then dont say stuff like this, cause clearly you werent running the latest HW.

The vesc 4.x is obsolete. The hardware is flawed compared to the hw 6. Using obsolete HW with the risk of it giving you well known faults? Sounds pretty logic to me.

Nothing bad in looking for alternatives. More options for us consumer is never bad.

But your claims about the VESCs is not 100% correct like this.

I´m sure you know that there is a difference in VESCs and VESC based controller as well as there is a big difference between the HW4.xx and HW6.xx design.

I also wouldn´t call a VESC or VESC based esc “sensitive” they just give the user a lot of possibilities to adjust there parameters.

The majority of defects happen either because you don´t know what you are doing when you install and set up your VESC/VESC based ESC, or you ride your VESC based ESC on the limit.

There are cases where faulty components caused a defect, but I personally heard only of maybe 1 or 2 happend on a VESC. The others where on VESC based ESCs.

Sorry should of been more specific, i meant various Vesc4s… and yes seen many cases of blown chips ect, you only have to search this forum to see its fairly common, never tryed a vesc6 because their way to expensive plus im currently using the Hobbywing Ezrun MAX6 160A 8S ESC which i got because of theses issues with the vesc4 (before the vesc6 was released) and its ROCK solid i so can’t justify spending another £300/400 on a vesc6 when my MAX6’s do exactly the job i need them to do! This is why i asked about this Odrive esc since it may be better value for money as another option later down the line.

No worries, I can come across bit harsh as well.

The vesc6 from trampa is 225£ and there are cheaper hw v6’s out there. 225 is probably what you spent (or more) in total on the blown hardware put together. PLUS you support Vedder. Which close to no other vendor does. Trampa gives you a new vesc if it for some reason is faulty and are usually very supporting. (doesn’t cover user errors obv.)

Buy cheap = Buy twice = might as well have bought the real thing.