Alternative Switches

What are people using to turn their boards on and off? I’ve fried a vedder anti-spark switch, replaced the fets, and fried them again :frowning: worked once then closed cct Using a loop key on one board, XT90 anti spark on another. I really like the switch inside the enertion spacecell pro 4 I’ve got. Has anyone found a supplier for these? Clear photo showing a part number but google search reveals nothing.

I’ve ordered one of these solid state switches to try - cheap enough

The SCP BMS/switch is the most elegant solution I’ve seen so far, but I can’t for the life of me find it either. On my homemade battery I used a bypassed BMS with DIYES on/off switch which is pretty rock solid if you want to give that a shot.

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I use a 50amp J-Case fuse like a switch.