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Alternative to the R-Spec 6372?

I’ve been wanting to bring my diy e-board back from the dead for some time now. As I’ve mentioned many times on this forum, my weight is in the 260’s, and my e-board is a single drive, so need a monster of a motor. Obviously the R-Spec 6372 would be an excellent choice, but it’s just too expense. I’m looking for something more economical. The only ones I can think of are the lower kv sk3’s. One concern of mine is that I have an enertion kit with the 9mm belt. I know it’s recommended to have a 12mm or 15mm setup with a single drive. Who sells 15mm belts and that’ll line up with enertion wheels?

I’ve been running my single motor with a 9mm, and I have burned through 1 belt but I didn’t have the alignment adjusted properly. Once adjusted I’ve had no problems and the new belt barely shows any signs of wear, but I weigh 100lb less than you, so maybe you will want something like a 12 or 15mm. But keep in mind that the wheel pulley and motor pulley are only 9mm - you’ll need to replace both of those as well. Check this site:

I’m running a single 245kv sk3 and it has enough power to pull a wheelie from a full stop if I’m not careful with the trigger. You might want something lower kv but it’s up to you.

Forgot to mention it’ll run on 2 4s lipos in series, so 8s.

@claudiofiore88 I should have 12mm belts and pulleys in about 1 month. I think you should probably move to a 1:2.25 ratio 16/36 and a 230, 245kv. You’ll find they perform better overall.

Any 12mm or 15mm setup should work with your enertion kit. 6374 motor should be about $100 once I have them.

What setup are you running now?

I just have my benchwheel dual motor e-board at the moment, but I broke the remote, so I’m waiting for the replacement. I haven’t done the calculation, but I bet my top speed’d be over 30 mph with what you’re suggesting which is way too fast for me. I’m thinking 20 mph tops.

at 260 … i suggest 4 motors .

lol .
cant imagine how your e~board died ?
when you mentioned "…bring it back from the dead "

i dont know man . i’m literally smiling right now . 260 ? kgs ? or pounds ?

did it died while you were trying to conquer a slope ?

my advice . at least 2 motors that you can afford .
why ? because 2 motors MEANT that you’ll be having 2 belts .
if 1 belt snapped !
the other one is still intact , but not for very long .

there was this skater who rides an evolve eboard . told us in a fb group that he snapped his belt and ther was NO WAY of braking at about 25km/h . so he had to apply his knowledge of normal braking techniques .
using foot braking or slides .
can find them in many youtube videos .

I’m in the US, so 260 lbs. I mentioned it in this thread, but I was basically doing a speed run down my street, but I didn’t have adequate stopping area, so I had to slam on the brakes after going full speed which pulled too many amps, melting the insulation of the motor’s coil wire shorting out the motor.

so sorry to hear that .

mine went like a stray bullet under a few unsuspecting cars . accidental squeeze of nun chuck wii mote .

after all vehicles stopped . i had to pick up all the pieces . all accounted for .

and i’m now slowly building back my ride .

if you say lbs …, then you’ll need 2 belts 15mm , and 2 motors . thats just my suggestion . for your own safety .

You can’t fit 15mm belts on a dual motor setup unless it’s in a dual diagonal setup (from what I’ve read on the forum anyway). Regardless, thank you for your suggestion.

True, dual rear you can’t unless the mount is thinner.

Would a single Tacon Big Foot 160 be a good choice for my weight since they’re back in stock and quite economical. I know it’s 6364 vs 6372, but would those 10mm make all the difference in torque? Is there a 6372 version of the Tacon Big Foot that I’m not aware of?

My friend weighs 230lbs and the Tacon at 6s pulls him up some decent hills. This is my go to motor.

NOOOO problem hauling things (ass) uphill! Hahaha. This motor has been great from the start.

@psychotiller Alright, you sold me on it. Ordered 2 just in case I decide to make it a dual drive.

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Make sure you take the time to make a flat spot on their axles. Seal the motors up with plastic and tape so you don’t get steel shavings in your motors, and file to your heart’s content it’ll only take a few minutes.

Then take the time to notice how tight the motor wires are held in place as well as the special care they took to heat shrink where the wires come out of the motor. Also, look at how nicely they are wound as well as the quality of the bearings.

Enjoy Brotha!

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Is it indispensable to make the flat spot on the axles of the SK3s? what for? Thanks

Yes, it is required. If you don’t… You’ll have an M4 bolt against a circular curve which cannot transmit much torque and when it does it. It tends to back out the bolts because it rocks back and forth and doesn’t push straight (if you had a flat spot).

So if you don’t use a flat spot. It is very possible for the bolt to get stuck in the pulley due to being threaded out wrong from force and the circular curve pushing on it. It will be a PITA to remove it after that.

So do yourself a favor and put a flat spot at least, bare minimum. You can use a small piece of sand paper and where that set screw/pulley bolt sits on you want it to be a flat spot. So when it pushes against that bolt. It won’t come undone.

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Thank you very much Torque, I’ll do it for sure!