Alternative to Torqueboards nano remote?

Finalizing my Hamboard build (first build) Going to be putting power on this carving beast (my 12 yr old demoing)


So far I have custom motor mount from marcmt88 in hand - and 12s2p battery on the way (with BMS)

Getting ready to pull the trigger on this Dual Motor Mount Kit from TB. (see below) Based on what is listed, I think it has everything else I need.

Only thing missing is remote controller.

I have a Riptide and the Riptide remote looks very similar but only $29 instead of 60. The TB has two channels which is nice, but the Riptide has battery indicator lights… I’m not crazy about the Riptide remote and I’m reading that people have been having issues with the TB remote… products/torqueboards-2-4ghz-nano-remote-controller

Anyone have a thumb style remote that they love (and would recommend that would work with the Dual motor kit below?


Benchwheel, Nano x (enertion), gtb2, proton, maytech remote,… Take your pick :slightly_smiling_face:

Vedders nunchuck mod is ace imo.