Alternative to vesc?

I currently have a 120a esc from hobbyking. Everything is perfect except the brakes. There awful. Anyone know an alternative thats about $40 below with good brakes and acceleration? My motor is 65a btw.

Cheers :slight_smile:

A broken VESC that repaired by yourself is the only way to get that cheap I think. Just get a VESC from a good supplier and you won’t regret it. Car ESCs are lame.

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I understand but even Vesc’s sometimes get fryed, whats wrong with a car esc? Just wondering :slight_smile: @Pantologist

Well, one of the reasons is what you have already said. They are meant for Cars. These cars are very light and the braking on them is completely different then what would be on a VESC. The best part about the VESC is that it is customizable and it allows you to edit settings specific to your build/weight.

@Michael319 so literally just got for a vesc?

Yes, either get it now, or wait for 6.0 to come. FOC Mode is beautiful but some people are having issues with it. FOC mode allows for a more Silent Operation and more efficient. 6.0 should fix the issues on 4.12. Just do your research.

Ollin’s is known for a great product and warranty.

@Michael319 ok thanks for your help bud

No problem!

Even the best car Esc available, doesn’t come close to a Vesc in braking or acceleration or efficiency.

Are you running just 6s?

Also note that Ollinboard vesc may cost you almost 2x-3x the cost of other Vesc but my experience is that it would have been cheaper (in the long run) to go with his product. Also less of a headache.

it’s not that much more $100 vs $150 for a barebones VESC.

Depends on your location and currency conversion. I got one from enertion for $177AUD and one I got from ollinboard was 245USD (321AUD). Both of those are delivered.

Ah yea, international shipping is killer


@Michael319 do you think this vesc is any good? The flier one