Alternatives to Focbox Unity UI

So I’ve run into issues using the Android app for my Focbox unity. The App has stopped uploading my new configs so I’m looking for PC (windows) based alternatives. This is after only a few rides this spring after having built and bench tested the board through the winter. I reached out to Focbox on April 1, 2021 and they haven’t responded.


If you have a renote connected via uart, say a vx2, it will prevent the focbox app from being able to write configurations.


yeah I considered that, and thought I had it off, but will check again.

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I went as far as to unplug the receiver to eliminate it seeking a Bluetooth connection and on the second try at updating the config it worked! Next time I’m in the UK I’ll buy you a pint.

I’m in Australia my brother!

Glad everything is working! looking forward to having that beer!

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lol the extended UK then. next time I’m in China I’ll swing over to Australia.