Aluminium Wheel Pulley 15mm 36T ABEC/ 34T Kegel Wheels New Design!

I think i make a Aluminium Wheel Pulle wit 36T and for 15mm Belt

i hope you like it.


I e-mailed you several times about a mod like this for the Kegal wheel without a responce.

Hope you do the same to the Kegal Pulley now!


Umm… it’s uneven

How much $$ ?

Hi Ben, nice thank you thats you mean, thats uneven.

I don’t have seen thats. :scream:

The same Price what was on our HP 45.-€ + shipping

I can make only 15mm with 36T but the Pulley for Kegel coming too.

Hey @esk8 Can you also do 15mm or 12mm 44t pulleys for abec wheels? Maybe a custom producing ? :slight_smile: I would need 4 of them If you’ll do i will order the rest of the transmission parts also in your shop :wink: :grin: If not maybe you know where to get some 44t pulleys? I’m from germany greetings

Hi René,

can you write me please one Mail on our HP,

and tell me what al Parts you need, thank´s


Do you have an approx shipping rate for the US ,…and Can. ??

World wide al Parts what we have and it was under 500g

we can send for 12.50.-€

But the Wheel Pulle for Kegel what you see was 34T

I just must make new 36T for Kegel i have only 2 psc.

with 36T and 15mm 9mm i have enough.

I have last week send one Battery housing to USA for 12,50.-€

That was 460g :joy:

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Kegel Pulley 34T 15mm


I think the 34T for the Kegel was better 36T was to big, it was 56,16mm diameter Kegel was 80mm and when you stand on the Board i think you lose1-2mm, so you have only 8mm between the belt and the street.


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I like it ! you can tell me price?

I can make the same Price what we have on the HP

I must al Pulleys milled with manual Milling Mashine,

That was 1/2 hour extra time, ok that´s not problem.

But the next charge i can make it on the CNC machine

and than come al Wheel pulleys so in the Shop.

When you want make a order, pleas write by the order

with big borehole.


heh, the perfect kegel pulley from germany! I know that you guys have actually measured the wheels with a precision 3D laser system for a perfect fit - just couldnt use your pulley until now because I needed the big bore for my diy ronin adapters. very nice, you guys are putting in a lot of hours lately for new improved parts :smiley:

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