Aluminum 40T 12mm 5M Flywheel Bolt On Wheel Pulleys

Bought these a few months ago. Set of two.

Brand new, never mounted.

Buyer pays shipping.

$30 USD + shipping.

Located in Canada.

5 dollar on eBay. 30 from you ?? XD

think he means $30 for 2 sets.

and what hes selling originally costs $20, not 5…

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Have you tested the fit of the bolts? There were some issues with earlier batches where the retaining plate didn’t match up nicely with the pulley.

$2.50 for me lol

Select the model first.


Shhhh its a joke

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I ordered them in June.

I could test alignment if youre interested in buying.

Unfortunately I’ve got one arriving in a week, I ordered it just a few days ago :disappointed_relieved:

Shipping to 80012?

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