Aluminum Eboard frame

Hello dear community.

Finally, after six months of development, I accomplished the build of the aluminum frame.

No more wooden decks, no more outer boxes, no more improvised skateboard.

The whole frame is made of aluminum and covered by CNC carbon fiber for strength/weight and temperature matters. Very low center of gravity, essential for high speeds and cruising.

All tests are done, stiff as hell. Can hold up to 200kg of force

All is assembled and working FANTASTIC!

Now for my question.

As a global community, Will you be interested of purchasing from a store a set of frame?

Hope for good feedbacks and hope you like it.


Nice! What’s the weight of the frame?

About 3 kg.

Not bad. Thanks. Are you not afraid that the carbon fiber will limit the thermal conductivity?

That’s exactly what I want, due to heat conductivity of the aluminum under direct sun.

Yea would love a frame like this. Tbh already looking for ild frames. Line from baja board. Its the thing you cant dit yourself away from at home.

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I have a black fiber carbon frame and it get very hot under direct sun…probably wuch warmer than with shiny aluminium… Another problem is dissipating the heat from esc and again aluminium is supposed to be better than carbon fiber.