Am I doing it properly? (wiring)

Hi. I just wanted sb to confirm that I am doing it OK because I am not sure about it and I do not want to burn my house :smiley:

left corner - focboxes; XT60 to XT 90 adapters in the middle - parallel adapter, loop key, parallel adapter right side - 2x power supplies (2x 10s 8Ah) that will give me 16Ah 10s


Thank you for all the answers and advices!


looks okay to me. a lot of people (myself included) put the loop key on the positive wire, but it apparently doesnโ€™t matter is what Iโ€™ve read. and make sure to use the xt90s bit with the green pain as the key since that is where the resistor is. (looks like youve done that already)

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