Am I mad? First build

Ok , a little background, I’m a wreck.

Have heart issues since 36 yo.

Looking for mobility options and a skateboard / hoverboard cross would be amazing.

I get very tired doing anything strenuous(walking included) and lack balance to steer with a skateboard but can stand up without too much issue.

Am building a skateboard but with width of hoverboard. 70cmlong 45 wide in middle.

Twin 6354 sk3’s 15 to 72 gearing ratio

10s lipo battery

200mm mtboard wheels

Tilting, independent suspension at front.

Handlebar steering system.

I’m getting there with build but am I way off? Having self doubt!!!

Isnt this just kind of an electric scooter? Why not just get an electric scooter? :I Except the width, they’re much easier to ride…

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Have a pic of this? Would want to see so I can get a pic in my mind

70cm long, or 70in long? For sure need a picture for clarification.

I did consider a scooter but they just don’t provide the stability four wheels can give.

The board is 70cm not inches.

Still got the steering arms and column/handlebars to do.

Then battery enclosure.


Hey, try copying this topic over to the forum. forum. It’s way more active than this place, you’ll get a lot more responses. This seems like a very interesting build.

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I second that.

BTW you have a really interesting concept going here. Looks like you put a lot of thought & energy into it.