Am I missing something here?

So for my build I’m planning on running 2 6s 8000mAh Zippy FlightMax in series as a 12s pack. I clicked to order from the USA West warehouse and the price dropped by almost half! Are deals like this common? Is there something I’m just totally overlooking?? Link:

Just confirm it via live chat. Seems legit to me, it’s a really good catch though I don’t like the bulkyness :smiley:

Yeah as much as I don’t like the super tall 50mm+ batteries, its hard to find anything in a flat style like the SPACE cell without going over $125+.

There’s the 3s packs u can put in series at like 22mm

That’s true. I just don’t want to deal with the complexity of running 4 3s batteries in parallel and in series. 2x6s1p is much easier, if more bulky.

Hahah dude they’re all out! I’ve tried to order them since December. They process the order and then give me the money back a week later. They’re all out in all warehouses. Last time I tried was 4 days ago. They sent me my money back I even have the email if u wanna see it. Live chat says they’re in stock but if you ask them to further investigate it they realize they’re out. I went off on them twice for not updating the store

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And if you want these packs to be more flat just open them up and de solder the mid way point. Open it up like a book and re solder the connection that’s what I do. Cut the depth in half


I used to do that with my 1/5 baja’s 6S packs

I never thought of doing that, I thought cutting lipo packs open is dangerous and has potential to destroy the cells it self. But I might try later!

lol only if your a pussy. gotta live on the edge

The Space Cell will fit your needs without having to cut into hazardous lipo cells.

In addition, the Space Cell uses 18650 cells so it will be much hardier than a standard lipo.

It is at least something worth checking out regardless of whether or not you feel that it is in your budget.

No, you do not cut into any cells just slowly peel the cells apart. It’s safe unless you’re using a knife or blade. Use a credit card to pry it open

exactly not too dangerous

The multistar packs aren’t even glued. I just folded them over with a bunch of insulation jammed beside the leads coming out and reshrink wrapped them.

I just received 4 zippy compact 6s 5000mah 25c packs from Hobby King west USA wharehouse for only $28 per pack! (Reduced price) 44.4v x 5.0 ah = 222 wh 222/22.2= 10 mile range! And 125amp constant current capability

is there any lithium ion batteries that are flat ? other than 18650 cell turbular shape ?

These HK sales are awesome :slight_smile: You can never run out of a great deal. LiPo’s for the win.

you can get Li ion pouch packs.

Flat lithium packs are always so expensive which is why a lot of people just mod there normal packs I ordered 2 10000 mah 22.2 volt multistage packs I’ll do a thread on how I made it flat

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i saw an electric motorcycle company in u.s.a in youtube of a person showing the physical shape of every li ion cell . and its wonderfully flat . could be 10mm thick . unlike turbular 18650 . i forgot the youtube thread . and i cant find any cell company selling them .