Am I too heavy for this?

My problem is, that I’d love to build, and use an e-skate. But i do think im to fat/big to fulfill this dream. I’m roughly 280lbs thats roughly 130kg and 6’3 thats 190cm. This alone wouldn’t be a real problem, but I live in a village, right in the middle of the mountains, so I’d need to go on hills, every day. Is there a way of making a board that wouldn’t break the bank and still fulfill theese things?

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I’m 6’2 and pushing 100kg with kit on. You just need to understand you can’t have it all. Money can overcome most issues. If you take your average duel 63XX set up that has a combination of gearing/motor kv to do 35-45kmh you will just need to shorten the gearing/reduce motor kv so you have less top speed but more torque to pull your heft up-hill. Or you could go with bigger motors? Like Nowind did on his “flampa” build, 80mm Leopards or the like.

No way! You are not too big. 2wd with some big motors will get you going. However for tons of mountains 4wd probably would be ideal. 4wd will eat those mountains up! 4wd however can get expensive :confused:

whats your max you are willing to spend? And no you are not too heavy. Lets just say i’m bigger than you. :slight_smile: I’ve got dual vesc, maytech hubs and 10s2p which runs me just fine. I’m not climbing a mountain but Soon I will have 4wd with the new Maytech dual ESC 10s4p battery pack . Just trying to get an enclosure built to fit it.

Well, obviously as low as possible, but my absolute limit is around 750 Usd. I know It’s pretty impossible, but in my country, that’s 2 months of salary :smiley:

dual 6374 should be ok for you, you can mount them on the same truck if you get wide calibers from DIY or you can make diagonal setup (one motor on each truck), lipos will be better choice, because you will need a lot of amps, stiff deck so you dont have to care about flex and batteries, 15/36 ratio and you should be ok :slight_smile:

you can start with building single 6374, that wont be able to take up all the hills (maybe if you use higher gear ratio it would, but you would have lower top speed)

Are you fom HUNgary?

Where do you live? I’m sorry to say that it might be impossible to make board for you with that money.

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@Tuomalar @aigenic Yes, just as @aigenic said, i’m from Hungary, theese wages are a joke, we’re in the EU, but our wages are down in the sewer. Anyways I do like this idea, to start up easy and than pimp up the board. @aigenic sorry for all theese questions, but what kind of batteries do you recommend? How much cells, and stuff like that?

it depends on what range do you want…

I just want warn you, that you might not get in your budget even with single motor…it depends on how much mistakes you will make…

BTW. I would not call the hungarian hills mountains :smiley:

im generally 285+/- lbs and im 6’6" i ride around on a Raptor 1 dual and this thing flys up hills i generally have to let go of the throttle up hill to control my speed cause its too fast for me. but yes for hills you need a dual motor set up, a single motor would be fine if you were on flat land.

Isten hozott @DreviHUN :wink:

Dejó! Magyarok! Már lehetünk egy páran… @DreviHUN Ha van valami kérdésed, én szívesen válaszolok rá. Legalábbis megpróbálok… Még én se vagyok profi, de azért olvastam már egy keveset. :grin:

(Sorry everyone else for flooding this thread with this weird language)

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Elég nay bajban vagyok, tudna esetleg valaki segíteni?

Előre is köszi!

Why hubs lol they have less tourque

Heck no dude, I’m 110kg (+ a heavy backpack) and my board does just fine. A 192kv 6374 motor on 6S. Pretty normal gearing too, though admittedly they’re only 63mm wheels. When I get my new pulleys I’ll be on 90mm wheels and we’ll see how well it does, but if you can manage 2WD on probably 8S or 10S you’ll be totally fine.

I’m almost finished my first build. At 122kg I’m a little worried that the two sk3 192kv motors are going to struggle haha


I think they’ll be fine :slight_smile:

Hey, i don’t think your to big :slight_smile: Im around 145kg and im currently building a board. Most people say 6374 motor is big enough for good hill climb. Most people probably ride way faster than i would want to (the bigger you are the harder you fall).

My theory is find a setup with good hill climb for a 75kg rider then half the speed you should get the same hill climb at 150kg. You can do this by having higher gear ratio, smaller wheels or lower motor kv.

My plan is to get single 6374 setup and see for myself how much torque it has (i have no eskate experience so i have no idea). get gear that supports sensored FOC as this provides more torque at lower rpm. if i need more torque to conquer local hills i can :

  • switch pulley from 16/38 (2.25:1) to 12/40 (3.3:1). That is an extra 50% torque.
  • larger wheels could accommodate larger pulleys with same ground clearance (107 wheel with custom 12/60 would be 5:1). That is around 100% extra torque when you account for larger wheel)
  • upgrade to dual giving an extra 100% torque.

With larger pulleys and dual there is potential to have 4x the torque of a standard 6374 setup (im sure this will be overkill). As i get more confident i can play with the gearing to find the sweet spot in torque vs speed from me in my area.

Maybe not cheep but it will end in a perfectly suited board for a rider of any size. As with most things if your a large guy you have to accept that you have to pay the “Fat Tax”. Now i Just have to find a deck that is substantial enough. Hope this is helpful.

I’m ~198cm and 110kg at my heaviest time riding and i used a single SK3 6374 168kv with 12:48 Gearing on 10S with 97mm Wheels and the thing rips me right off the board if i’m not careful enough while accelerating, even uphill. Only hills i couldn’t climb so far were around 30% (estimated) and otherwise i never had power issues. If you’re really worried, go dual 6374 and everything will be good.

At first i couldn’t believe how much torque a single motor could provide but on this particular board i never see myself having the need to upgrade to dual 6374. Granted, the gearing of 1:4 is more on the torque side than most other setups i’ve seen but as a beginner i’m perfectly fine with 27 km/h top speed.

Nice, you got a picture of this? where did you get the 48T pulley?