AMASS MR60 connector, looks pretty good!

Found these on one of my aliexpress rampages. Couldn’t find them on Amass’s website, but they do look like genuine Amass.


Very very nice! shorter than XT60, and only slightly wider. Depending on your build, could be much better a fit than MT60. Tension is nice and tight.



Ordered a few a couple days ago. Will report back on quality when I recieve them.

Have you used the MR60 connectors yet?

I am using MT60 on my trampa without any issues even with my -/+ 90A bat :slight_smile:

Also they are pretty old on Amass website


I know that plenty of people are using the MT60’s I’m curious about the MR60’s. Thanks for the quick response.

Well they are the same size bullets just different case


If you want to know they are real. The pins should not melt out of place when soldering the wires/means they are made from nylon instead of some cheap plastic.

Got the MR60’s in. The plastic is solid and the connectors seem high quality, as good as any other genuine amass. I’ll be putting them in a build this week and I’ll report if I have any issue with them.


Have you had a chance to use the MR60 connectors yet?

So this link appears to be exceptionally cheap, at $1.12 per set (20 sets). My original purchase was around $2.40/set.

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am i missing something? these are rated for 30A

Yes you are likely looking at MR30 not MR60


I like those for phase wires, it also keeps them in the same orientation so if you disconnect the motors from the ESC you don’t have to go through a motor detections again.

Ahh makes sense. I was looking on hk. Don’t thkink they sell mr60

just ordered some, will see what they are like when they arrive :slight_smile:

EDIT: just seen that they do a 10 pair pack, oh well i guess its to late now.

I have a bunch at the house and use 2 of them on my build. They work great.

Just received these and they look great. Also Impressed how quickly this kind stuff arrived from half way round the world with cheap postage

I use MT60, they are good !

What are the connectors used for the motor sensors on this pic ?

And what is the riser pad ? Custom or commercial one ?

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Any luck finding it?

looks like some kind of audio headphone connector mmcx but would need many more wires than that for hall sensor wires so not sure! Aren’t the MR60 only 30amp? How does that work out for an electric skateboard as thought they can pull more amps than that. I Guess answer is they exceed that only in short bursts.