Amateur 3D printing viable for a build? (Ender 3... probably)

Yeh I am planning to get the upgraded all-steel or titanium hot-end, which means I don’t need to change the PTFE tube as it no longer gets hot. (I may upgrade it anyway, but it’s not needed from a safety standpoint).

I ordered the Ender-3x, as it was the same price as the Ender 3 basic model, and it comes with a set of spare extruder ends and a tempered glass bed, so it actually works out cheaper in the end!

I keep mine in an enclosure in my garage so fumes aren’t an issue for me. I would imagine that a couple of IKEA lack tables stacked and enclosed would mitigate your fume concern…plus result in better prints.

Do you have cameras in my house? Lol they even have stacking mounts on thingiverse for the legs

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Mine will be in a small-ish study/spare room. And an enclosure would be fine for enclosing all the fumes, but I’d still have to open it at some point. This is why enclosures for ABS need to have activated carbon filtration (or similar). I mean it’s fine in an open air garage I expect with fans or something, but won’t work for me unfortunately.

The only reason I’m tempted to try ABS is because it has a fairly easy method of smoothing the edges and lines.

Its not as bad as all that, but its your setup! Enjoy.

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I mean it is carcinogenic and will cause brain damage and respiratory problems. But it’s your body lol, I just know it’s not worth the risk to me personally.

I’ve wasted almost a whole roll of nylon :cry::cry: very tough to print with. Actually took some of my printer with it lol

Yeh from what I’ve read it requires a very hot end temperature, and it’s also extremely important to basically dessicate the nylon filament before using it. I think it’s something like 5 hours in an oven at 100C or something to dry it out (I guessed that from vague recollections, I’d suggest looking up the actual figures!)

Just keep all the filament you own in a relatively sealed box full of silica gel :slight_smile: that should help.with print quality.

Indeed, but I’ve seen a few cases already where people have opened up vacuum-sealed brand new filaments and they still need to be dried out before being stored in with silica gel. If I ever do print with nylon I’ll certainly do a small test piece first and then if it’s ropey it’ll go in the oven for a while.