Amazon Hub Motors?

Can someone give me some feed back/your opinions on these hub motors? Thanks!

they’re shit


Thanks do you have any cheap suggestions? Thanks!

If you want cheap you get shit.

Go for some New @Hummie’s or Carvon (if that’s still a thing?)

You’ll be spending around the $300+ range

Thanks alot!

It depends on what you want to do. Your weight, hill climbing needs and budget is. I would go for a cheap dual satellite configuration at 6s if on a tight budget.

Ive never heard the term Satellite configuration what is that?

he means belt drive.

Oh i wish i could do that but i would need to buy new trucks and wheels and i cant afford that.

a truck wheel combo costs ~50 off ebay. Hub motors are usually more trouble than they are worth if you cheap out on them. Hummie used to have $200 for two trucks 4 wheels and two aluminum hub motors, but now its a liittle late.

@Hummie here has some good motors for a good price here

You can ask him whatever questions you have.

Thanks. I have to change that website. Selling different longer motors. Instead of the 80x56 before its 80x101. Pm me if ur interested. 300$ for a single with pair Paris v2 and extra rubber.

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Ill check that out.