American Esc anywhere

Does anyone know if there’s a reputable Esc company in America. I have ordered Flipsky and gotten money taken with no product. I ordered unity and had money taken no product. I asked evolve 20 times about Esc met with silence. Sparkfuns here in Boulder.i need this prototype running. Now! Any REPUTABLE HONEST companies. Let me know. Otherwise I have to make my own Wich costs 68 dollars more per unit under 1000 ordered. So… . Help please!:kissing_heart:

Trampa does ship to the US. VESC6+


If you don’t mind my asking what happened with flipsky? They’re not known for not shipping products.

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Trampa, fast and trusted, also best Vesc on the market…

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I dk. Seems they did ship. Then USPS said in the real post office it didn’t exist. ???

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Yup. I may. More expensive though. But I would rather give Ben my business than all his me too followers for sure.


Yikes, I’m definitely planning on ordering some stuff from Flipsky pretty soon. Hopefully not a widespread issue.

Check the sale threads on this site and you’re bound to see a vesc or two.


Trampa, fast and trusted, also best Vesc on the market…

…and the most expensive.

I’d chase them down about it (The post office or flipsky, you shouldn’t allow yourself to be mugged off

Thanks guys. I don’t think it was Flipsky per say as it said it hit customs but the provided tracking didn’t exist according to USPS standing in their real dt office so… IDK maybe a postal worker typo. I’ll figure it out. Always do😉. Post update when I do so if others experience delays or similar hopefully I’ll have some pertinent information on the subject by then. Thanks again guys. Appreciate the response.

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I have order $1500+ worth of stuff from flipsky over many orders and they are legit ans ship fast.

I have a unity for sale I can.drop in the mail tomorrow am if youre intersted? Or are u just looking for other options? Pm for details… Insured and will be there with a quickness

I don’t doubt it. I’ve only ordered once from them and it was lost in translation somewhere. Update. Flipsky emailed me. Our post is lame. It’s still sitting in customs.

Flipsky ships from China; USPS doesn’t provide updates until it reaches US.

They gave me this site to get shipping updates within China:

Add your tracking number to the end.

just order a unity off local stock and pay a little more