Ampacity nickel strip

Hi guys so after build a lots battery (add 4 or 6 liner of nickel strips) and I have this question in my head for very very long time i decided to look at it

So question guys most of think I see for ampacity nickel strips is for 1 meter so most the time when we building battery the nickel strip are way less so normally for a nickel strips 8mmx0.20 it is 6,4 but for 1 meter so for us it should be more (bc is are 7cm longer or less) So what do you think?

Maybe a good engineer in math can do the calculations of i’m Not wrong

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maybe this will help

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I recently did a 20A test on the 10mm x 0.2mm Nickel strip that I use on my battery builds. 30mm of Nickel strip with a 20A load. The temperature rose to just 34 degrees after 10 mins of constant discharge. This was in free air and not enclosed in a battery enclosure so heat dissipation is at a maximum. I used 3 30Q cells welded together as the power supply and they were warmer than the Nickel strip with 45 degrees. Engineering calculations aren’t really much use without a practical test to follow it up.


10mm x 0.8mm? Wow, what do you use to weld that?

Sorry typo. 10mm x 0.2mm I have 15KVA welder but it still wouldn’t do 0.8mm :rofl:

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:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: Nice test thank you I use 8mmx0,2 and i’m Think going to use soon I think 10mmx0,2 when I finish the nickel I have Thank also for let us know about your test

I get 1kg rolls from the company I bought the welder off. I know its pure Nickel from the way it welds. I have some Nickel coated Steel strip and it is really easy to weld. The pure Nickel needs a higher setting and different pulse width. I would say you’d need twice the steel to one Nickel as it is twice the resistance which is why its easier to weld with resistance welders like mine.