An arc board popscicle

so Arc Boards sent me a unit to eval because they’re fans of mine so i rode it around and i liked it. 9S2P with a flier type VESC and a 4046 maytech on some pretty solid mounts clamped onto what looks like 165mm caiber clones. The thane is decent too.

Anywho, i did this to it because why the fuck not

That’s just a standard popsicle flip trick deck.

I can ollie on it really easy, and there’s barely any push resistance. its also really stable and will do over 20mph without an issue or a wobble.

Its kind of a rad combo, and it gives me ideas for the old 9baller board i wanted to make.


just an update: ArcBoards saw this and thought it was a great idea, so after talking to them… i’m going to be offering a flip trick cruiser using thier drive train. Its still very early in the talks but i’ve had this arcboard for a few weeks now and the unit is very very solid and surprisingly high performance for its size. ITs no Turbo Penny but then nobody would ever be insane enough to sell something like that anyway cough

So a flip trick mall rat urban hooligan esk8 is coming, and hopefully we can get the price into the realm of attractive. Service and support will of course fall into the same category as the financially irresponsible level of warranty i provide for my customs.

We’ve been hauling ass around the neighborhood on this thing. It’s just too much fun and it makes me wish i could do a fucking kick flip, but all i can do is pop a pretty high ollie on it. High for me, i’m not park rat but i’m definitely going to get a few to do what they do on this thing.

More details will be provided as they emerge. :slight_smile: