An ESC for dual motors

So, the company that I got my motor from gave me a Chinese bull crap esc that ironically enough, is also found in a Teamgee electric skateboard.

Long story: I’ve brought a all terrian hub motor from aeboard, which looks really good and high quality. However, the esc they sent me that powers this motor is unfortunately the same used in teamgee, which is max 500 watts compared to this motor. Either I have to go back to them and let them know about this, or, find another option to use these.

Main point: Which esc is actually good enough to do these two things:

  1. can power a near 2000w hub motors, with hall sensor and MR30 connectors

  2. give you the amp of these motors so that I can set it for continuous use with the Samsung 35E 10s batteries (which works with these motors surprisingly). For example: test run to know what power these motors uses and adjust the settings accordingly.

maybe you should get a VESC (single or dual if you get 2 single you can connect them with CAN one will become the slave of the master of your choice,with a dual it’s pretty much already done for you) you’d have to download the VESC tool ( ) plug the battery into the VESC’s the motors and sensor wires too in the VESC and you can connect the VESC (usually with micro usb) to your pc put all the settings in and let it test everything up. and you could easily solder an MR30(MT30 would be better but you do you) to your ESC’s wires

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I have a foc box unity for sale never used 275

Lucky to get 150 outta it. Very recently they were 200 bux msrp. He only recently tacked on the extra hundred when he dropped the TANKA. (TANKA ie. reworked unities that are potted in epoxy to hide the rework done to em)

Yeah mine has no epoxy but I’m not selling it for ne less than 250 its brand new. I’ll put it in my sons board for that matter dotnt care if it sell s or not ppl buy thesefoc box’s everyday for 300 of the site shit I was on it and I think I’m ten min 5 ppl bought unitys

If it wasn’t for wanting more than 12 s witch is only cause that’s what bms I bought but I found 12 n am jus gonna switch to that I found maker x vesc that can go higher but idt it worth it but I also have a few batteries I built for sale 13s 6 p cells are. Tested at 2500 mah per cell

Those “ so and so in blank just bought a … “ is a Shopify add on lol. Does not in fact mean you saw 3 ppl buy em lol

Ohh ok I mean if the thing works for me wen I use it if I use it good , if not then I’ll cross that bridge wen it comes, if I can sell it I will if not o we’ll depending on my batteries I might jus keep using the vesc I have according to u I’m not gona b able to sell it anyway

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Sold that for 300 buks lol

Someone just got taken then