An ESC that is small, good quality, affordable, and high performance... Impossible right?

Ok, so I am building an e-board (single drive, penny style, 8s, sk3 6374 192kv), and I am stuck at the ESC.

So I have a low budget, but I am really interested in this hobby. I thought about building a board for everyday use, than later, when I have more money, I would build a mountainboard, with the existing parts (+1motor, +1ESC).

This is where the problem is. I would need a relieable ESC, not too big (I am mounting it under the deck of a penny style board), with good performance (for possibly the e-MTB in the future), and I don’t want to spend a fortune.

The best option I have now is to buy “barajabali” 's FVT 12S 120V Sleeping lion ESCs.

So please, if you guys have any better ideas, it would be greatly appriciated!:sweat:

The Esc from hobby king will most likely have wrong firmware for eskate application. And will not work properly. If I was choosing between the 2, I would get one from Barajabal

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Ok than thats out…

You might look at a Castle Creations Mamba Monster 2, I used one for a while. Its not cheap, but its IS tough. I bought mine for $100 on amazon about a year ago.

Thought about that. Only problem is, it sais max 6S lipo. I would like min.8S but possibly 10-12S compatible.

For a cheap setup I would serioulsy consider to go with a 6s battery and then use a 6s 120a FVT ESC from Banggood. Soen of them are or befome faulty but Banggood are willing to replace them (without you returning the faulty one) as long as you provide them with a video.

Thank you for the reply, but I already have 2 4S batteries (for 8S), and as I said above, I want them to be future-proof.

I understand. Then i guess @barajabali’s ESC is your best option. He has a great reputation! Good luck with your build! Looking forward to see it finished.

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Yeah, I think you’re right. Thanks for the wishes!

if you hunt, i think you can find a VESC for about the same price. It’s a small form factor and able to do 10-12s (depending on motor kv).

I’ve tried FVT and Mamba XL2 - VESC is far superior in all ways (except simplicity). IMO

I really don’t know. I think I would blow the VESC up. They are made for people who know what they are doing.(for you, not for me :slight_smile:)