Anatomy of a speed controler

Hi all, I was wondering if there is anyone here with knowledge on electronics. What I was wondering is if I can change some capacitors / resistors / mosfets etc on my dual hub motor board. for example: s-l1600 what if I change the 2 capacitors (470uF / 63V) on my board with 2 x 1000uF/63V or 2x 470uF/100V what would that change if anything?



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I am no expert at this at all, but why would you like to change the caps in the first place?

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I guess the other components on the board would need to be changed for it to handle that kind of power

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Upping the caps could make the ESC perform slightly better but might fry an antispark switch that may be embedded in the ESC itself, or separate. Unless it has a loopkey, then will be harder on the loopkey.

Well my idea is that if the controler with 470uF/63V tops at 63V (burned above that value) with 470uF/100V the controler will be more protected of voltage surges. Is my understanding right?

Not completely, the caps can survive the large spike, but they wouldn’t fail right away with a higher voltage

The other components remain exposed to these higher surge

The only easy modification you could easily do is find the current shunts, probably on the underside of the board and change them to increase the current output. I do not recommend that since the MOSFET’s, PCB traces and other componentes were not designed to handle that increased current

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But that won’t save an IC or a FET

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That esc already works with long battery leads in nearly every application so it shouldn’t be necessary.


If u change caps as far as i know they should be low ESR…

you won’t notice any difference

Uhh sorry I am bit late here. But just changing capacitors, resistors and mosfets will not change how ESC handle higher voltages. Some other devices like regulators and other IC not always work with higher voltages.

These generic Chinese ESC uses the cheapest but reliable RU6888R. During my ebikes days, we use to mods these by changing the mosfets, higher value resistor for the regulator & modify the shunt. These Chinese ESC doesn’t have the shunts, may be they are software based, i donno.

single%20hub%20ESC RED circle is the 7815 regulator. If you do plan to over volt it then just add a 470 ohm resistor before the input to lower down the input voltage. A watt will do, i think, if its really hot then increase to 2 or 3 watt resistor.

mosfet For ebikes, we use to replace these with FDP2532 as it was the best & cheap at that time. You’ll need the 100 volt cap for these upgrades. It is a good idea to upgrade the heatsink as well. You can salvage it from a dead PC PSU, most of them are about the same size. After that, you should be able to use 12S, 13S, 16S or may be even 20S ! :sunglasses:

But who would dare to ride on a 20S, safety first in case you really do plan to do these upgrades !