And so it begins

OK, so I know these are, at the moment, just the components to make a regular longboard, but these just arrived today from Germany and all of the mechanics/electrics were dispatched from DIYes earlier today :slight_smile:

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whats the round orange thing above the wheels?

@Ragnar - look forward to it!

Why flex 3?

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Not sure which is better - looking at the excitement and potential of a new project or seeing the final result! Have fun!

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which one is the stiffest?

flex 1 afaik

?whats that?

Flex 3 probably because that’s what Boosted uses.

bearings I presume

“as far as i know”…

think the bearings are in the tube… think the round thing may be grip tape cleaner, which i’m trying to track down!

could be bearing cleaner

The orange thing is just the tube that the truck bolts come in. A nice touch from SkateDeluxe is that they give you 8 black bolts and 2 extra gold bolts if you want to add a highlight somewhere - not sure if I’ll use them though.

Flex 3 as you can’t get Flex 1 or 2 in 38" (at least, not here - supplies are limited over here in the UK), as @Pantologist says, it’s what Boosted uses and finally, according to Loaded it’s the right flex for my weight (with or without the electrification components).

cool! thx!

Nop those are bushings

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Nope, it’s a pack of truck bolts :wink:

Assembled… Probably everyone’s seen this configuration before.

Waiting for delivery of the good stuff now…


It looks so nice.

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Looks great!!! Looking forward to seeing your build.


I love the vanguard. Beautiful deck

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Did you finish it?