Android VESC Tool (Android) connect issue using HM10

Hello there, long time no see :slight_smile: I just updated my hardware and software to the newest VESC version. I want to use the VESC Tool on my android phone. At least the mobile version should work. Therefor I got a HM10 module. I can select it in the list of the tool, but I am not able to connect. Is it just a issue of configuration? Or wrong hardware? Please give me some hint on how to get it run :slight_smile:

Yo man how’s it going? Someone from the service department will ignore you shortly. Whenever you get it figured out will you let me know? In act like I hate bluetooth, but secretly I don’t know how to make it work. :rofl::rofl:

HM10 modules aren’t supported any more.

You would need to buy an NRF51822 module AND flash the firmware on it yourself using a VESC and either the VESC Tool or the variESC Tool.

Vedder made a video on how to do it, but I’ve never gotten it to work, so there’s that.

Or, backup to your older version and keep using that successfully, or Ackmaniac 3.103 will work with the HM10 module as well.

Or buy a Metr Pro module and use that with the newest firmware.

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Word. I thought it was firmware cause I’ve had them all working. I just could care less about using my phone on a deck. So didn’t really dig in. Gracias por favor de la brian

Aren’t the unity and xenith Still using hm10? I’ve been able to flash them that way. Granted they are buggy as hell

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You mean flashing them with new firmware and hm10 works? Or?

I was using Ackmaniac FW with my old build. This works great with the HM10! But his firmware is outdated, right? This is why I switched to the official FW for my new build. Or is there no downside in using this firmware?

Otherwise NRF51822 + STLink V2 is the way to go. Ok then…

Or what’s about the FLIPSKY BT? Would this one work?

BTW: I don’t need my phone during the ride. It is just to switch different riding modes. This is somehow important to me.

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Can anyone answer these questions? Would be really helpful for me. Thanks :slight_smile:

5.2 firmware doesn’t like hm10, or your skateboard, says you should get a onewheel.