Angels Bride ❤ | Double Kicktail Longboard 36" x9.25 | 180mm Paris Trucks | Pink 97mm flywheel | Dual N5065 270kv | Custom Enclosed | Generic Steel Motor Mounts | 2x 6s 5ah Lipo | GT2B Controller and Converted Enclosed | Hobbywing XeRun XR8 Plus 6s ESC

Put on motors and wheels :heart_eyes: :on: on :truck: trucks.


My :battery: battery charger and :battery: battery came in today. Still waiting on ESC, Vesc and Enclosure. Already have other build ready to go, but I’ll wait till I finish this one :point_up: first.


Nice !!! Looks great!

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Thank you :yum: dude. Can’t wait :station: to see your build.

Great setup and appreciate all the pics. It’s awesome your wife is into e-sk8! Totally makes it easier to go ride more and i get my GF out infrequently though she does ride a bit. (A bit = about 7-8mph tops, so i lap her… often)

I saw someone ask earlier and didn’t see a response - where did you get your motor gears? They look to be aluminum and 12-15mm wide?

Nice project and will continue to follow! Keep it up!

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The :fearful: gear came :yum: came in the DIY kit. Which I posted earlier in the thread. Thanks for the props. Just got ESC and controller. Going to work on this week. Hoping to get it done by the weekend.

Be careful with wheelbite. The deck/wheel distance looks tiny and screams “let me block those wheels and throw of the rider”


Thanks for the color comparison photos! They look great!

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@Tarzan, what causes wheel bite?

Thank you @c4Lvin.

the wheel hitting the deck. if your trucks are too lose the range of motion will allow the wheels to touch the deck. I would tighten them. alot.

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Will do, :ok_hand: Thanks :yum: for :heart: the info.

Like Link said the wheel touches the deck while steering and locks the inner wheel in a turn. Very bad because that’s where your weight is and the skateboard makes a sudden stop and throws you of. Try it first without rolling and simulate the lean in a turn to check for clearance. This problem occurs due to large wheels. I think you have to add some rise pads between the trucks and the deck too. Unexpected wheelbite is a crash guarantee!

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I know for a fact that with both 180 paris and caliber trucks with 83 mm wheels you will give you wheel bite. I know this from experience cause I had this setup on one of my skatedecks to pratice ollieing on the bigger wheels. Also be careful when near curbs cause if one of the protruding wheels rubs up against a curb u will fall off. I too know this from experience. Made me want to get wheel shields lol XD

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I’ll try standing still to make sure they not touching. :yum: if so I’ll get smaller wheels.

They make wheel shields for 97mm wheels?

I was kinda joking but they really are a cool! They will completely eliminate wheel bite and my problem where I rubbed up against a curb (also to be fair a was avoiding a car so I wasnt looking where I was going). As stated on their website they only work with 80 mm wheels and smaller.

Longhairedboy uses the Bustin yoface skate deck on one of his builds and he had 83mm wheels.

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Look what came in today? :yum:


where did you get your vescs so quickly? I’ve been waiting for months…

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