Angel's Spirit | 37" Zenith Gripped D28 | Enertion High Speed E-Board Trucks | 6355 190kv | 36/15 Pulley / Gears | Enertion Motor Mounts | Enertion 83mm 78a Duro | 2x Turnigy 5000mAh 4s 25-35c | XeRun SCT PRO ESC | FS GTB2

Now that I have some work under my belt. Now it’s time to start on my rig. Been working on wifys :biking_man: ride. While :woman: she’s out riding, I can put in some work. I learned a lot and feel a whole lot better on what I want to work with and what and will not work. For the fellows who put in there suggestions, thanks. :ok_hand: Y’all were a very great help.

Parts List

Deck: 37" Zenith Gripped D28 Motor: Enertion Motor 6355 Motor Mount: Enertion Motor Mount Trucks: Caliber II Fifty Caliber 10"/50 Degrees Blackout Trucks Wheels: 83mm Pro Longboard Wheels w/ Bones Bearings & Spacers Hardware: Sector 9 Bolt Pack Set, Black, 1.25Inch Hardware: 1/2" RISER PADS (set of 2) Hardware: Everland AllInOne Skate Tool Red Battery: Turnigy 5000mAh 4S 20C Lipo Pack (x2) Battery Protection: Turnigy Soft Silicone Lipo Battery Protector (5000mAh 4S Black) 145x51x53mm Battery Meter: 2016 Battery Capacity Tester Indicator for 12V 24v 36v 48v CAR Lead-acid lithium5 Charger: iMAX B6 Charger: Hobbyking Parallel Charging Board for 6 Battery Packs 2~6S (XT90) Wiring: Hilitchi Black and Red 10 AWG Gauge Silicone Wire Connectors: Polymax 5.5mm Gold Connectors 10 pairs (20pc) Connectors: ESC: Hobbyking Reciever: HobbyKing®


Went with the XeRun SCT Pro instead. Saving the VESC and EzRun MAX6 160a for my other setups.




is that the infamous IKEA box? I swear they are trying to get into the DIY esk8 market, but slyly disguising their products as kitchen wares.


Yes it is. I think I might need to glass it over. Was thinking bout laying maybe carbon fiber.


Will definitely follow. Great deck and looks like it’ll be a killer setup. Which are you doing - the EZRun Max6 or VESC? I see both so curious which you go with? I personally prefer the VESC to my EZRun 150a (older 6s model) - but didn’t finish tweaking settings to be apples:apples w/ VESC.

I’d love to see the Ikea box glassed - those things are ridiculously well suited to esk8! I need to grab a pair and try one out! (there’s an IKEA like 10min down the hill from home. I just hate going in there… always a zoo.)

I’d suggest you dial in your bushings for your weight if you haven’t done so already. Makes a huge difference.

Good luck!

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I’ve used and comfortable with the hobbywing ESC’s. Not so much with VESC’s. So fear :fearful: blowing it out. What can I do :yum: to make sure I don’t burn the VESC’s? :sparkler:

hehehe - different strokes for different folks!

I have successfully killed a few VESC’s now. I found bench testing them that if you hard start/stop them - it’s easy to fry the DRV chip. So i don’t do that now. I was troubleshooting a couple errors, which i fixed by adjusting values, but killed the DRV testing.

What i’d recommend on a VESC setup is - don’t go for 12s. I usually do 8s on mine and have had zero issues. I might build the next on 9s (3x3s), with 12s option for uber-power runs occasionally. be gentle when bench testing w/o a load on the board. I have 4 or 5 VESCs now - 4.7/4.8 and one dead (bought used and already dead) 4.11.

Hook up to lab power supply or low amp 3s battery ( think i use an old traxxas 1300mAh) to program and do motor detection, then once configured swap to full size batts.

Ultimately i got a couple spare DRV chips from Mouser (about $6 ea) and will repair the one currently dead and have a few spares just in case. I helped repair the two i killed, but haven’t done a repair by myself yet.

Good luck man!!


great build so far, subbed!

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I could come over and help you if needed

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:ok_hand: Thanks. I’m good with the machanics. But I might need help when i start building :battery: battery packs. Still trying to rap my mind around the concept. Been putting together diagrams and cell builds. Definitely looking towards 18650 cells and BMS management. My third build will definitely be built on that concept with a Carbon Fiber glassed over board and glassed over enclosure. Already have the board and might use my VESC on that build, very slim and streamlined. Ordered 207/105 resin and a few rolls of 200g carbon fiber. Also in the works. I have 3 other boards I will be working on. Not totally sure what the final builds will be. But I do know one will be an all-terrain. So that’s where I am at this :hourglass_flowing_sand: time.

Here is a sneak peak of the CF build. Most likely the VESC will go with this board.

This is an over view of what is to come up. So I’m processing what I might do.


every one of those looks awesome

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This deck looks super sweet.

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Thanks, so I’m looking over and still looking for ways to be innovative and fresh. Now I have a reason to stay busy. Lol

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Making enclosure out of spare wood from a unwanted barber station and clip board

cool thread… lots of photos to get everyone’s creative juices flowing

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That’s right man…re-purpose shit…awesome idea

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Appreciate the props @onloop. Really means a lot.

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I try not to let anything go to waste, if I can help it. :yum: