ANGi, a new helmet mounted crash sensor

I just received an email from Specialized.

There seems to be a new helmet mounted crash sensor.

It is placed on your helmet and in the event of a crash, it automatically calls your pre-designated contacts unless you abort in a certain period of time.

Since it uses your mobile phone, no subscription is required.


As full face helmet this is the only model

Euro 419

any reason I could not just mount this on my TSG?



No reason. This is why I wrote helmet mounted crash sensor and not helmets with crash sensor.

Specialized makes bike helmets which are not always suitable for our application but since they sell the sensor as a stand alone for $50, I think it is a good deal.


was just about to order one, reviews make me worry a little - still think its might be worth the risk (if mounted right)


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Most negative reviews seem to be about the fact that you either need a Specialized helmet or double sided tape to attach it.

I believe most people in this forum have the DIY skills to make a 3d printed bracket or come with some sort of solution.


I actually tried this at work several month ago. You do need a subscription or some kind of payment other than $50 msrp. The sensor will send signal to your phone then your phone will send a email with your gps location if it senses a sudden rotation.

This is from their email


Anyway it’s long time ago I do remember ask my boss for company credit card for a in app payment. Maybe they changed. image

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I wish there was an open source version that could be added to existing Esk8 apps.

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