Angled risers on a double drop deck

Im playing with ideas in my head and i was just wondering has anyone ever tried angled risers on a double drop? Looking for some pros and cons here. My guess is that youd have more of a mtb look but is it feasable? I have never used angles and looking to make a build with a double drop deck with 90mm or larger wheels. Let me know what ys think…

Use rayne wedges…

You may need to modify the drop cuts

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Drop cuts? The holes in the deck or the trucks themselves? Thanks for the feedback ill check up on raynes

The holes in the deck. The baseplate may or may not hit just play with it…

And yes rayne wedges are just the two sides, so it fits on each side of the truck in drop through… vs most wedges which are the whole surface of the baseplates.

Here’s one of the many degrees

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A kit like this will help you out greatly…


Awesome i like those wedges @Deckoz and imma look at the kit @squishy654 …so im guessing this has been done. Anyone got a pick of a bild like this?

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Oh yeah, totally, just make sure you know what you’re doing. You could potentially make it very unstable if you get it wrong.

what are you trying to achieve with the wedges? I have used them to great effect in a few setups, but I only use them as a last resort, I try to do the same thing with hanger angles instead, but wedges are perfect for tuning and prototyping experiments…


Yeah im pretty much in a prototyping stage. I have one build in progress but its more of a ecking to a grander design. By top mounting and getting bigger wheels i gave my first build clearence for the electronics but in mk 2 i want to sleek it back down a little give it a more dynamic ride. Im a huge fan of the stability offered from a dbl drop and i am now more aware of what is needed for clearance for my updated battery arrangement. Also im aiming for a dual drive set up as well with graphene lipos instead of the ones i got now. On a side note i was thinking on having angle out rather than in thoughts on this? The reddit article didnt explain it well enough

I wouldn’t angle outward as that is increasing the angle of the rear(unless your fwd) which will make it unstable. I’d angle in(drop the angle) and mount the motors out the rear…

Also since you have a double drop I assume you have wheel cutouts… You may still have issues with most decks with wheels over 80mm. Which is why you see one of the following typically

  • double/drop top mounted with risers and inward motors
  • top mount with risers and inward motors
  • double or drop through mounted with motors out the back, wider trucks to accommodate Bigger wheels
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I will take this in to considerarion thanks bro!:+1: