Annoying rattle from drivetrain, advice needed

I have a diyeboard 10s5p-kit board and it has an annoying rattle when driving over any type of pavement which is not perfectly smooth concrete.

I am sure it is not the ESC as I have padded it considerably. I am suspecting the bearing-spacers or the pulley in the wheel, but I need advice here.

Hope someone have some good advice, I have heard from metroboard-users that lubricating the pulley-part mounting to the abec flywheel reduces sqeeking, but what my board got seems to be more rattling than sqeeking.

Grateful for any feedback! :slight_smile:

I’d check for simple things as well, like a loose spacer.

For me it was a motor bearing. Annoying rattle gone with new one.

Sorry I dont understand what bearing you are mentioning here, could you explain? :slight_smile:

if you have belt drive, then you have 1 or 2 motors that are running those belts. Those motors have bearings inside.

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if it has no rattle on smooth pavement. There probably something loose in your enclosure. Just velcro everything down or pad the inside of your enclosure. It can be a connector banging on something.

I can record my rattle so you can compare it with yours. I still have it on one of my evolve GTs. Never bothered to change those on this deck.

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Very good point, its just wierd because it sounds like its coming from the rear truck and its kinda a deep-ish rattle-sound. If the weather is nice tomorrow I will try to record it to better explain what I mean.

Thank you for taking your time to reply! :smile:

That would be fantastic, btw does yours rattle on smooth pavement/concrete as mentioned above?

No. Only on rough asphalt.

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That’s kinda what mine did before snapping in half… Light noise, kept thinking it was pullys, pully cover (pully cover did come loose a few times)


There you go. First on smooth pavement then on rough.

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Sounds promising, glad my wrist guards are arriving in a few days…

No but seriously, hope came away from it without any injury man!

Gona check for cracks etc, but hoping its not a bad cast of the trucks of course.

Thank you, gonna have a deep listen to it tomorrow and compare :slight_smile:

Check the belt covers, thats what rattled on my diyeboard kit. Be careful of the trucks, they may snap

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Thank you, gonna check tomorrow! Were they loose to the point where you had to tighten them by a lot or just by the millimetre? Just looking for clues on what to look for when investigating tomorrow :slight_smile:

Did yours snap at any point?

They will be loose just a little bit.

I did have mine snap. Had it for about 2 months, had ridden maybe 150km before it snapped.I am not the only one, with at least a handful of other people have theirs snap as well

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Thank you for the info, hope you came away from it safely thats not nice.

I have heard that there is a bit of a snapping-problem going on at the moment yeah, hoping I recieved a cast made before the bad batch (ordered in may) but I guess I (hopefully) will never know.

I believe I may have found the problem, one of the motors is able to move a bit. Is there any way to fasten it more?

Update: These screws were loose, gonna loctite them and fasten properly, hopefully case closed


Update 2: the deeper-sounding part of the rattle was likely caused by the motors beeing loose (warning to all other diyeboard-users, fasten and loctite these!). This did not cure the lighter-sounding part of the rattle however, but I am quite sure this is caused by me not tightening the wheel nuts enough. Will test now and leave (hopefully) a final conclusion :slight_smile:

Conclusion: The rattle is now completely gone, it was the loose motors that caused the majority of the rattle and semi-loose nuts on the wheels which caused the rest. Case Closed!

Warning to all DIYEBOARD users: Loctite your motor-screws shown in the picture above, I am lucky they did not fall off completely at speed!