Annual group ride for Derek. August 25th 11:00am Long beach

Hello, I have a group planned for this Sunday August 25th in honor of the Derek @BigBoyToys … I want to make this a annual thing with rides Sunday closest to his BD. The plan is to meet up at Los Cerritos park at 10:30am and start the ride at 11.00am.

Los Cerritos Park:

The ride will be 10 miles one way with a total trip of 20 or so miles round trip down the LA river bike trail then along the Junipero beach shoreline way bike path till we reach the Belmont pier. We stopped at a restaurant near their that had charge spots I believe and food (a bit pricy, let me know if you have other suggestions for end point.) Should be a fun chill ride, everyone welcome.


(Hmu if interested in 40 mile ride for the previous day, on Saturday)


Weather looking nice for this weekend’s ride!

40+ mile ride the day before if anyone would like to join

Ride is tomorrow, don’t forget to bring your helmet